Target 9 for GCSE AQA Physics

Target 9 for GCSE AQA Physics

Perfect your students’ exam technique and build their confidence with this student-friendly guide for GCSE (9–1) AQA Physics. Bursting with a wide variety of worked examples, constructive activities and exam-style questions to support students’ progress towards a grade 9.

Aim high!

  • Concise exam advice covers command words, how to tackle tough calculations and valuable writing and revision tips to help sharpen exam skills
  • Meticulous analysis and worked examples to demonstrate best practice and pinpoint common errors
  • Thought-provoking images and diagrams – stimulate learners’ interest and boost competence
  • Progressive activities and challenges – focusing on tricky topics from the spec – helps students build confidence and practise key skills.

Practice makes perfect!

  • Practice exam-style questions for various question types to prepare students for success
  • Student-friendly, detailed mark schemes – perfect for easy marking and quick feedback so students know where to improve

“This is a detailed, well thought out resource, providing thorough advice and question practice, aimed at higher ability students. Detailed explanations, not just of the concepts, but of the expectations for the exam of higher ability students, will be helpful for students to understand what they need to do, or what they should focus on in preparing themselves for the exam. “Did you know” boxes provide interesting facts which will help to maintain motivation and interest. The additional information boxes provided in the answers file would also be useful and thought provoking if given to students, and could also support less experienced teachers in delivering the course effectively.
Overall, this seems to be an excellent resource, which will be most valuable for higher ability students in the run-up to the exams. Each chapter provides a summarised, yet detailed overview of the relevant topic, with sufficient tasks and practice questions to ensure that students’ revision is active, such that they are more likely to retain the information for the exams. The note taking pages at the end of each chapter are a nice touch, and further support this function of the resource. Exam tips and command words is also a good addition which could be useful for a wider range of abilities, especially towards the end of Year 11. Good use of data and worked examples. Can definitely support teaching & learning by providing consolidation activities which also stretch the highest ability learners. Good range and variety of practice questions.” – R Miles, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

“Lots of useful information, presented in a concise way.
Example exam questions well considered, with some imaginative contexts.
The student introduction was very strong with excellent practical advice.” – G Jones, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

“Some nice attention to detail on explanations.
It is comprehensive and doesn’t assume knowledge – there is no such thing as a level 9 response in physics so it is correct to try and cover and embed as much of the specification as possible. The coverage is good and thorough. It is nice to show a pathway to A-Level.” – C Knight, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £99
Click here for full details and to order.

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