Dracula: Activity Pack for A Level

Dracula: Activity Pack for A Level

Since Stoker began researching and writing on a visit to the seaside town of Whitby in 1890, Dracula and its iconic protagonist have entered the bloodstream of popular culture and endured. This pack of comprehension, discussion and creative activities covers the whole text and is ready for you to mix and match to suit your class.


Pre-reading exercises provide a starting point for study


Appealing chapter-by-chapter tasks guide students through the
novel, allowing them to gain understanding and analytical skills while remaining engaged


Whole-text activities show the bigger picture, exploring key
areas of: Characterisation • Relationships • Genre • Themes •
Attitudes and values • Writer’s use of language • Form •
Structure • Context • Critical reception

Activities include:

  • engaging questions
  • critical thinking
  • close reading
  • pair and group tasks
  • visual, audio and kinaesthetic tasks
  • further research

Accessible for every level and linked to the AOs

Plus! Answers to all activities

Contains a lot of very good material and clearly sets out a range of reasonable activities that take the reader through the text… I liked the way in which key quotations were given for each section. I also thought that the focus on particular chapters/sections was appropriate given their importance… The educational value of this resource lies in the range of activities that allow pupils to interact with the text and also encourage them to develop their own ideas and responses to the text as a whole. There are clear sections where the various Assessment Outcomes are signposted and targeted which will give pupils a focus for exam performance. 

J Hathaway, Head of English & Peer Reviewer

A solid resource which addresses many of the main themes and ideas in the novel, suitable for a generic study of the text irrespective of exam board… I particularly liked the Text as Whole activities… I also liked that there were activities for every chapter in the novel… It covers an introductory range of ideas, themes, characters, forms etc. which all are useful to supplement in-class studyI like the presentation and order of the activities… [The] Glossary: lovely, really helpful resource.

N Shirman, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £69
Click here for full details and to order.

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