The Great Gatsby: Flipped Classroom Resource for A Level English

The Great Gatsby: Flipped Classroom Resource for A Level English

Bring the excitement of the Roaring Twenties to your classroom with our Flipped Classroom Resource for The Great Gatsby. Students prepare at home with stimulating notes and activities, then reflect upon key concepts back in the classroom. Innovative, seminar-style learning facilitates independent thinking and delivers ready-made, valuable homework tasks.

  • Independent learning activities provide students with essential background information. Includes key quotations, a chapter-by-chapter reading log and research tasks to develop deeper thinking skills.
  • Classroom consolidation tasks cover all aspects of text analysis and enable directed, in-depth classroom discussion, leading to outstanding exam responses.
    • Tasks linked to AOs, and indicative content included for peer- or self-assessment to encourage student involvement and responsibility.
  • Essay-writing advice and activities provide essential exam preparation.
    • Student-friendly AO and exam guide ensures full comprehension of the marking criteria.

Set text for:

  • AQA A AS & A Level
  • AQA B AS & A Level
  • OCR AS & A Level

Very effective resource for the study of The Great Gatsby. This would fulfil the requirements of a number of specifications. I liked the reading logs with guided notes with plenty of space for students to revise methodically through the resource. The photos and illustrations break up the text beautifully with added historical information. This resource definitely enhances learning. Background of the novel and contextual information will enable students to have a deeper knowledge of the novel. The vocabulary questions and definitions with vocabulary extension will enable students to answer questions with insight. Also the reading logs will help with continuous learning and revision, as students read and study each chapter. The quotation analysis at the end of the reading logs are superb, as they will help students to consider other viewpoints. This resource is superb as accessible enough for all abilities and it offers extension activities for higher ability students. It is particularly beneficial for students who are either revisiting the novel or as they go along to record analysis and thoughts on characters and themes, in the context of the 1920`s. I feel that the resource is excellent for a range of specifications. There are definitions of tragedy for Literature B and considerations of characters and themes, and also Linguistic techniques for Language and Literature combined. The inclusion of theorists like David Lodge and pertinent quotations will help all students to have different perspectives on the novel. I felt that the vocabulary extension activities and glossaries were very useful, and the consolidation of information. The themes are explained in depth and narration notes are helpful. The inclusion of Marx and Plato give different perspectives for more able students and will be useful for the coursework components too. – S Fallon, Retired teacher/Tutor & Peer Reviewer

This is an innovative and exciting resource with a lot of information that students will be able to work at independently due to the clarity and detail of directions. I particularly liked: Both of the detailed introductions are very useful; the really clear explanation of the importance of narration; the activities around context are really effective; the task to pick two facts from context to memorise; the study questions in the reading log; the detail on the narrative styles. It gives a lot of ownership to the student which is needful at A level, it will enhance learning as students have been guided through activities prior to the lesson. I love the range of text, images and space to work. This matches the AQA specification beautifully. The activities guide the students in such a way that they should be able to access this without concern. Well done on producing an excellent range of resources. – C Marshall, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £79
Click here for full details and to order.

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