New RS specifications

ZigZag Education will be providing photocopiable and digital resources for most of the new GCSE and A Level RS specifications, with ranges for learning,
revision and exam practice. We have ambitious plans for a large range of resources, some of which are listed below. Note that we will continue to bring on
new resources throughout the lifetime of the specifications.

Teaching and Learning

  • Course Companions: Comprehensive notes on the course content with questions and activities. (£49–£89 for GCSE; approx. £99 per Component for A Level.)
    First titles available from Summer 2016.
  • Starters and Plenaries: Spec-relevant pick-up-and-teach activities with worksheets designed for kicking off and winding down your lessons (£39–£49).
    First titles available from Summer 2016.
  • Keyword Activities: Variety of activities enabling differentiation, based around key terminology and thinkers (£29–£49). First titles available from
    Summer 2016.
  • Homework Booklets: Photocopiable workbooks (from approx. £39). First titles available from September 2016.
  • Topic on a Page: Concise single-page summaries, ideal as placemats or posters, along with activity versions where students fill in the gaps (from approx.
    £49). First titles available from September 2016.
  • Learning Grids: designed to support weaker learners through the learning phase – especially good for cover lessons or homework (approx. £39). First
    titles available from Christmas 2016.

Revision and Exam Practice

  • Revision Summaries: Concise bullet-pointed notes on the specification content (from approx. £49). First titles available from Easter 2017.
  • Revision Activities: Focused activities to help student work through and engage with all the specification content in the run-up to the exams (from
    approx. £49). First titles available from Easter 2017.
  • eRevision: Online subscription-based interactive activities – great as self-marking homeworks or as a revision programme; students can subscribe
    individually too (from approx. £59+VAT per year)
  • Practice Papers: mock-ready papers with mark schemes (from approx. £49). First titles available from Easter 2017 (possibly earlier for AS).


For GCSE we are planning large ranges for:

  • GCSE Edexcel A
  • GCSE Edexcel B

We are planning smaller GCSE ranges for AQA B, Eduqas and WJEC B

For A Level we will be supporting the AQA, Edexcel and OCR specifications, with a small range for Eduqas.


  • GCSE religions: ZigZag will be providing a wide range of specification-specific resources for Christianity with Islam as a second religion. For the most popular specifications we will also be initially providing small activity packs for those teaching Judaism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.
  • GCSE topics: We plan to support all theme and text options for the four main GCSE specifications.
  • A Level: We plan to support at least the Christianity, Ethics and Philosophy of Religion options.
  • For optional topics/religions, resources will be separate, allowing teachers to buy only what they need.
  • We are open and responsive to requests for other religions to be covered at GCSE or A Level; the more requests we get, the more likely we are to publish
    for your option. Submit requests at

Tell us what you’re teaching…

…so we can prioritise development for your spec / religions / topics!

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