The Think Tank: A Level Politics Magazine – Issue 65

The Think Tank: A Level Politics Magazine - Issue 65

Welcome to a new year of Politics, a new Prime Minister, and the reign of a new monarch.

It is shortly before publication of this issue that we learn of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, naturally followed by the accession of King Charles III. There is plenty worthy of comment on her long life and reign – and you will already read and heard many moving accounts of her life and encounters with her. Their person underpins the UK’s very constitution, but just as the institution of the monarchy goes on, so must we.

In planning this issue, we didn’t know of the big story of the autumn, but were focused on the big story of the summer: the Prime Minister being forced from office, triggering a leadership content. It’s the natural place to start a year studying Politics, and we have supplied a succinct summary to remind you of the key facts – see page 4!

Meanwhile Liz Truss has become Prime Minister (having ‘kissed hands’ figuratively with the Queen), appointed a cabinet of party allies (see page 6), and begun to try to address the country’s problems with an energy bills policy. See the Top Ten (page 19) for more challenges facing Truss!

Over the pond in the USA there’s been a lot going on – with the Democrats taking a surprise win in an Alaska special election, pushing through some key legislation. There’ll be much more to watch over the next few weeks as the midterm election campaigns get fully in swing. But our USA article focuses on the issue of abortion rights, which has been a key controversy in the last few months (page 10).

Elsewhere we ask what key feminist thinker Simone de Beauvoir would say on some contemporary debates (page 13), and whether the IMF plays a constructive role for developing nations (page 16). And with more rail strikes we’re likely to see more of Mick Lynch – find out more about him on page 18.

The Think Tank is written primarily by practising teachers, and is entirely specification-focused. In it we aim to draw out the exam-relevant issues of events, and make them accessible to students through discussion and exam-style questions.

Every article is commissioned for its relevance to key exam topics. It not only provides topical material for your lessons, but can also be given as extra material for eager students.

It’s also an excellent read! You can preview the latest issue at

“I particularly like this resource because of the topical articles… Keeps [students] up to date [and shows] different views” – S Page, Subject Leader & Customer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

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