A Level Edexcel Topic Assessments: Component 2: Non-core Ideas: Anarchism

A Level Edexcel Topic Assessments: Component 2: Non-core Ideas: Anarchism

Assessments at 3 levels, each with a paired reinforcement test that mirrors the first. Hundreds of new questions comprehensively cover A Level Edexcel Politics!

  • Easy solution for differentiation
  • Regular assessment ensures practice and progress
  • Flexible use
    and easy marking

Levelled Assessments

For every topic:

1: Multiple Choice Quizzes

Check essential AO1 knowledge of each topic:

  • Students show understanding of key information – motivating for weaker students
  • Reveals weaknesses in fundamental knowledge and understanding

with paired Set B

2: Short-answer Tests

Focus on analysis of all key areas of each topic at AO2 level:

  • Each short-answer question is a bite-size challenge towards an essay on the topic

  • USA Politics: comparative topics culminate in 12-mark comparative theories questions

with paired Set B

3: Exam-style Essays
Put it all into practice! Prepare for exam success by building AO3 evaluation skills.

  • Full range of exam-style 30- and 24-markers represented
  • Set A: model answers for students to analyse and compare with their own
  • Set B: indicative content to self-mark

with paired Set B

  • Flexible use example: analyse the Set A model answer in class, then assign the Set B essay for homework)

“The essay questions were particularly helpful … I particularly liked the way key concepts were well covered in the quiz section … The resource enhances learning by consolidating knowledge of the main ideas/thinkers, the latter of which students find particularly hard to integrate into essays. The educational value is to allow them to enter the exam, confident of their knowledge/understanding, and the questions can also be useful diagnostic tools for the teacher … The resource matches the spec well focusing on both concepts and strands, not to mention key thinkers … it has great variety eg of stems: which of the following/what is meant by/explain 2 arguments…/reasons-also covers criticisms/differences egp7and similarities egp8/who was/what was? Ie it’s very thorough … Furthermore the explanation eg p6 is helpful as are the indicative content eg p33 and model answers eg p24-6. Finally the use of AOs and up to date examples eg p15 make it very worthwhile both to teachers and students” – L Ashley, HOD & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £52
Click here for full details and to order.


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