Topic on a Page for A Level AQA Spanish (3.2.1): Artistic Culture in the Hispanic World

Topic on a Page for A Level AQA Spanish (3.2.1): Artistic Culture in the Hispanic WorldHelp students to understand the content of the four A Level AQA themes in a more visually engaging way!

Designed for A Level AQA students to revise topic knowledge for:

  • Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Writing
  • Paper 3: Speaking

Students gain topical, cultural and contextualised insight while developing key skills through 9 summary and 9 activity pages. Provided as A3 and A4 sheets for tailored revision!

Why is 9 the magic number?

Each pack covers 1 AQA theme, and each of the 3 topics is broken down into 3 subtopics for extensive coverage presented in a digestible format.

Enable students to build understanding with sections on…
Vocabulary Subtopic Knowledge Culture
key vocab tests and improves understanding
Language in Context: reading text contextualises vocab to enable further topic insight Cultural Diversity: provides multicultural perspectives from different TL countries for broader understanding
encourages students to give and justify opinions
Did you Know?: provides interesting learning/discussion point Plus! Information on TL countries is interwoven into all subtopics throughout.
Helpful Expressions: promotes more sophisticated conversation Additional Sources:
help students conduct further research and discover interesting materials in the TL

How do the activity pages work?

Based on each summary sheet they promote active subtopic revision through exam-based skills:

  • Comprehension questions in the target language
  • Summarising the information in the text
  • Translation
  • Gap fill
  • True or false questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Debate and general conversation
  • Research and presentation

Flexible use! Hand out to students at the end of the course or at the end of each topic for revision or homework – or provide as independent study.

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £63
Click here for full details and to order.


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