Resource Bank: GCSE AQA: Paper 1 Section B: Conflict and Tension, 1918–1939

Resource Bank: GCSE AQA: Paper 1 Section B: Conflict and Tension, 1918–1939

This pack provide a wide range of innovative and stimulating
classroom activities designed specifically to cover key topics
for the 2016 AQA GCSE specification! It contains 36
‘pick-up-and-go’ activities that fit into your lessons and
develop vital historical skills.

A wide variety of activities for students…

  • Each core activity covers a clear specification point and in
    specification order – develops students’ knowledge and
    understanding of the period in a logical way
  • Extension ‘discussion points’ challenge students and develop
    second-order historical concepts – vital for accessing top marks
    in the exam
  • Four types of keyword activity for every topic with
    student-friendly definitions for each term – help build
    confidence and familiarity with need-to-know figures and events
  • Timeline activity provides a fantastic visual overview of the
    time period – great at both the start and end of the course!

… that fit in easily with any lesson!

  • Clear teacher instructions for each task including suggested
    timings – easy to apply in the classroom
  • Most activities need no preparation – perfect for cover
    lessons or starter and plenary tasks
  • Answers provided, great for AfL or instant classroom

“Excellent. I would purchase this… Like the variety of tasks, focus on exam skills and questions, extension tasks and review tasks for students to self-assess their knowledge… Covers knowledge, skills and exam questions… Most students would be able to access this and complete it independently, either in school or at home… Covers all the key areas, focuses on the high level of literacy and also covers exam technique.” – A Wallace, Head of History & Peer Reviewer

“I liked this resource. It was consistent in its approach… he teacher activity notes were very helpful… User friendly… It enhances learning by its sheer variety so no student should get bored… Its educational value is to consolidate their knowledge and enhance their skills… The layout was pretty good. It did not feel cramped but trod the tightrope well between too much and too little content… I would buy this as it would save a lot of time.” – L Ashley, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £86
Click here for full details and to order.


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