Practice Papers for GCSE AQA Media Studies

For assessment from 2023

Practice Papers for GCSE AQA Media StudiesGive your students the support they need to prepare for the GCSE AQA Media Studies exams. Five original practice papers intelligently mirror the AQA sample assessment material. Realistic papers ensure students are familiar with the new format, ready to answer each question type and gain complete practice across the specification.

Complete coverage!

  1. Every close study product covered!
  2. Carefully chosen unseen products for Media One boost student confidence
  3. Comprehensive coverage of the theoretical framework – specification cross-reference grid helps you monitor progress and target weak spots


  • Full range of question types including multiple-choice, textual analysis, knowledge and understanding, extended response, framework and judgements, and synoptic questions
  • Student-friendly mark schemes and indicative content – ideal for quick marking or self-assessment

Perfect for mock exams, spot-checking progress and improving exam technique!

On the whole, this resource met all the criteria set by AQA, as well as all the needs for the specification. The mark scheme, is detailed and matches and clear. I liked the fact that all the questions refer to a range of topics and cover successfully everything that could possibly come up in an exam. Furthermore, the mark scheme was excellent and detailed. I believe that teachers will enjoy this resource as it will support them with workload with a quality resource. Pupils, will cover a range of topics and will feel well-prepared for their GCSEs. There is a range of questions and it covers the majority of the CSPs for that paper. Pupils will be able to practice on all of them and get clear feedback on how to improve due to the detailed mark scheme.
– E Bampanatsa, Head of Media/Lead Practitioner & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £108 each
Click here for full details and to order.


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