Practice Exam Papers for GCSE Edexcel PE

Updated for first assessment 2023

Practice Exam Papers for GCSE Edexcel PEFour original practice papers providing comprehensive coverage of the Edexcel (9–1) GCSE PE Component 1 and Component 2 exams. Carefully constructed and fully cross-referenced to ensure students gain complete exam practice across the AOs!

Everything you need for the perfect practice…

  • Mimics the tone, style and format of the 2023 Edexcel specimens with identical balance of AOs – perfect for mocks!
  • Full range of question types – from multiple-choice to quantitative skills and extended-answer questions, giving you exam-style questions not available from Edexcel!
  • Student-friendly mark schemes – great for quick marking and peer- or

‘An excellent resource for students who have covered the specification and are looking for additional exam paper practice. It is laid out as per the exam and carries the same structure and timings of the actual exam with the total number of marks also being replicated… It includes the two long answer questions at the end and multiple choice at the beginning. The questions include the expectation of responses being developed and include A01s, 2’s and 3’s. For the higher performing candidates the questions expect them to be able to relate and apply their knowledge considering the impact it has on performance. The paper also includes aspects of the data interpretation objective included in the specification. The mark scheme is comprehensive… which the teacher and student can use to help develop their exam technique in answering questions. A really good resource to support teachers and students in answering a variety of questions and exam papers in preparation for the exam.’ – G Bouchier, Teacher, Edexcel team leader & Peer Reviewer

‘This was a good resource with a variety of questions in and it is good to have a range of papers. The layout matched an exam paper so could be used for mock exams, students would be able to link the paper to the units of work as they matched. [I particularly linked] the answers coming directly after the paper rather than having all the answers at the back. It was also good to have the specific examiners comments for the marking so students are aware of the restrictions placed upon marking. The layout was set like an examination paper which adds to the realism. It has links to the AOs [Assessment Objectives] in the answer schemes to indicate where the revision should take place if they answered incorrectly. This will help to build the students confidence in reading and answering the exam questions as the more practice they have the better they feel going into the real thing.’ – A Fiddes Kapadia, HoD & Peer Reviewer

‘A really good resource of additional practice exams that can be used to secure knowledge and understanding and prepare candidates for the exam. I liked that it was the same amount of marks and the same time to complete the test. The questions were formatted as they are in the exam and candidates are expected to be able to relate to performance so realistic to questions asked in the actual exam. Provides an additional resource to test students knowledge and understanding and give them additional exam practice. Mark scheme is in depth and shows which AO’s are being targeted on each question to ensure there is the correct balance as per the actual exam. It mirrors the specification almost identically. Teachers would find extremely useful… A really fab resource that I am looking forward to using.’ – G Bouchier, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £86 each
Click here for full details and to order.


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