Data Response Case Studies for A Level Edexcel Economics A (Volume 2)

Data Response Case Studies for A Level Edexcel Economics A (Volume 2)

12 topical case studies per theme supported with activities and
exam-style questions. Covers the 2015 AS and A Level Edexcel
Economics A Themes 1–4 in specification order.

Reinforce student
learning by investigating UK and international economic issues
from hospitality’s VAT holiday (Theme 1) to the trade balance in China (Theme 4). Use these as stimuli for class discussion,
self-contained homeworks, or springboards for students’
independent revision for the new exams!

  • Assortment of up-to-date stimulus material to grip students’
    interest from university admissions to Facebook’s market dominance
  • Packed with engaging activities including short-answer and
    open-response ‘evaluation’ questions – helps students apply
    economic theory to contemporary examples
  • Exam-style questions – great practice of the different
    question-types students will meet in the exam


  • High-quality diagrams and graphs – helpful as visual aids and
    handy for exam answers!
  • Detailed mark scheme for all questions and activities
  • Targeted quantitative skills questions throughout!

“I like this resource, it is small sections of the syllabus addressed by a variety of different length questions which is very useful for students for revision and for teachers at the end of a topic. Text book has many questions but this is splits down into sections and has mark schemes as well which the textbook does not have so this is a useful addition. The questions are slightly easier than exam questions in that they are a little more direct rather than being obscure like exam questions often are. This means that this resource is useful for using before students tackle exam questions.

I liked that each chapter was one or two topics so that students could focus on one area at a time using it to test if they have understood. I liked the variety of questions, there is a good mixture of calculations, definitions, short answer questions, extended questions and essays. All of these are tested in the exam so students gets a good amount of practice at these questions. I like that the data is all up-to-date as now a lot of resources are quite a few years old. So much has changed in the economy over the last few years, it’s good to see resources which are addressing these issues. I also like that at the top of the page it specifies which area of the syllabus questions are from.

This resource is good for students learning as suggested above. They can use it at the end of the topic for revision. It would be very useful for teachers to use as a topic test when they have completed topic. They would also be useful for use before exams as revision. The answers mean students can use this for independent learning, or teachers can set it as homework to mark. The answers are reasonably detailed so that on the whole students will be able to see where they have gone wrong and what they need to do to improve. This means that the resource can be used to enhance learning. It can also be used for independent study if a teacher is absent or they need to set some work over the holidays as there is enough guidance in the mark scheme for the students to be able to self mark.” – H James, Tutor & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £62
Click here for full details and to order.


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