Topic on a Page for A Level AQA French (3.1.1): Aspects of French-speaking Society: Current Trends

Topic on a Page for A Level AQA French (3.1.1): Aspects of French-speaking Society: Current TrendsHelp students to understand the content of the four A Level AQA themes in a more visually engaging way!

Designed for A Level AQA students to revise topic knowledge for:

  • Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Writing
  • Paper 3: Speaking

Students gain topical, cultural and contextualised insight while developing key skills through 9 summary and 9 activity pages. Provided as A3 and A4 sheets for tailored revision!

Why is 9 the magic number?

Each pack covers 1 AQA theme, and each of the 3 topics is broken down into 3 subtopics for extensive coverage presented in a digestible format.

Enable students to build understanding with sections on…
Vocabulary Subtopic Knowledge Culture
key vocab tests and improves understanding
Language in Context: reading text contextualises vocab to enable further topic insight Cultural Diversity: provides multicultural perspectives from different TL countries for broader understanding
encourages students to give and justify opinions
Did you Know?: provides interesting learning/discussion point Plus! Information on TL countries is interwoven into all subtopics throughout.
Helpful Expressions: promotes more sophisticated conversation Additional Sources:
help students conduct further research and discover interesting materials in the TL

How do the activity pages work?

Based on each summary sheet they promote active subtopic revision through exam-based skills:

  • Comprehension questions in the target language
  • Summarising the information in the text
  • Translation
  • Gap fill
  • True or false questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Debate and general conversation
  • Research and presentation

Flexible use! Hand out to students at the end of the course or at the end of each topic for revision or homework – or provide as independent study.

I loved this resource and think that my students will too. It is relevant, user-friendly and engaging. A really valuable revision resource for any A level student! In particular, the most useful aspects for me are that they cover the AQA topics and subtopics in a clear and focused way and provide quick access to relevant and up-to-date facts and statistics for the speaking exam. The list of skills covered on the teachers’ page makes it very clear that students can use these pages to practise a range of skills and the topic per page format is ideal for the way that we are encouraging our students to revise for French. This will also encourage self-assessment and self-quizzing, as a whole class, with a partner or at home. I liked that the cultural information is inclusive and covers francophone countries other than France. This is something that students often struggle to find concrete examples of in their own answers. The additional sources offer a nice challenge for more able/enthusiastic students and I can see how this might be used to give students ideas for their IRP. Most importantly, the language and structures included are also carefully planned and are appropriate and challenging enough to prepare them well for paper 1 and 3. The layout of the pages are clear and engaging, students will enjoy using them for revision. I also liked that there is a choice of format, which is a nice practical touch, with answers provided. Clearly, a lot of thought and planning has gone into making these pages. – L Richardson, Deputy Faculty Leader MFL & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £63
Click here for full details and to order.


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