Politics A Level Edexcel Activity Packs: UK Politics and Government

Politics A Level Edexcel Activity Packs: UK Politics and Government

A wide variety of pick-up-and-teach activities to use as anything from a basis for whole lessons to a recap on key issues. Every activity is directly matched to the Edexcel SoW and is flexible in length to ensure these activities fit easily into your lessons.

Up-to-date editions for 2022! including… Brexit & Northern Ireland, evolution of party factions, ministerial responsibility and the constitution under Johnson, devolved developments, and more!

Activities include
Debates, matching exercises, essay writing, true or false, and end of topic quizzes and much more!

Great for your students

  1. Essay and source-based questions – improve exam results by analysing arguments & improving essay writing skills
  2. ‘Follow on’ activities challenge your most able students
  3. Up-to-date examples ensure students relate political theory to real events.

Fantastic teacher support too!

  1. Handy overview grid with key activity information, including timings, group size and assessment objective coverage – great for quick and easy planning!
  2. Classroom-ready write-on student worksheets, with answers provided – minimal preparation required!

Also available for: USA and Political Ideas

“This resource is absolutely brilliant – once again this author has correctly identified what the students need to do to build up their exam skills and knowledge. I am very pleased that the new specification has been catered for. As always, you can count on ZigZag to produce really good resources which hit the nail on the head… Quite easily, the Teacher could plan their entire Electoral Systems Unit based on this resource. It is particularly useful for Teachers who are teaching Politics for the 1st time in terms of planning and execution of the lessons.” – D Taborda, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

“I think this is excellent and just what our department needs to engage students in this first component…It fits the specification identically. It is another perfect tool to go along with what we have already created.” –
T Leng, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Click here for full details and to order.


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