Online Topic Tests for AQA GCSE PE

Online Topic Tests for AQA GCSE PEPinpoint your students’ strengths and weaknesses and track their progress!

23 interactive topic tests for AQA GCSE PE – perfect for summative assessments; in-class, for revision or as homeworks!

Develop reflective learners…

  • Instant feedback in learning mode reinforces knowledge, affirms understanding or exposes misconceptions
  • Variety of question types motivate and engage learners

Comprehensive and progressive tests…

  1. 325+ multiple-choice questions all with invaluable explanations
  2. Plus interactive questionscategorise; pin drop; match-ups and reorder
  3. Open exam-style questions allow for deeper assessment of the topic
  • Auto-marking closed questions for quick, efficient and standardised marking
  • Model solutions and indicative mark schemes for open questions support student- or teacher-led marking options

… perfect preparation for the exams!

Intelligent teacher insight…

  • Easy set-up and slots into any SoW
  • Progress tracking map with teacher oversight of student progress
  • Integrated marking tools…
    • Start marking as soon as any question is submitted
    • Sequential marking option – All Q1s followed by all Q2s
  • Leave effective feedback to support student understanding

Flexible! Use as formal assessment or choose ‘learning mode’ to give students a second try and reveal ‘Help Me’ and ‘Help Me More’ buttons

The students really engage well, they like the questions and the different styles of assessment, they feel it is not so pressurised and actually enjoy doing the tasks…It is also easy to track and make comparisons on their learning… It is a quick and easy way to set assessments to consolidate the learning and understanding, which can be useful to set as homework or use to prepare the next lessons. – S Bond, HoD & Subsriber of eRevision

Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £175+VAT
Click here for full details and to order.


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