Differentiated Homeworks for AS / A Level Year 1 AQA Biology

Differentiated Homeworks for AS / A Level Year 1 AQA Biology

Stuck on homework ideas?

A wide variety of stimulating and imaginative homework sheets to encourage detailed understanding of Biology. Topic-based tasks actively engage the learner, helping to reinforce the fundamentals and extend thinking.

Each pack:

  • Is mapped to the specification
  • Covers the whole of one year of the course
  • Includes answers and indicative content

Thirty varied homeworks for Year 1 and twenty for Year 2, split into three differentiated sections:

  1. easier consolidation tasks to test understanding,
  2. exam-level practice to develop key skills, and
  3. extension activities to challenge your higher ability students.

How will the homeworks actively support students?

  • Reinforce classroom learning and deepen understanding: drawing and labelling diagrams, filling the gap, completing definitions and more…
  • Bring Biology to life with original, real-world problem-solving, including analysing family trees, exploring electrocardiograms and sampling biodiversity
  • Develop exam skills: practice questions with answers, including exam-style mark schemes

Ready to use with no teacher preparation – easy-to-set homework packs to take you through the whole course!

Very helpful, it’s clear and builds on well from the GCSE specification, as a teacher I can see myself using it to set for homework as it would guide the lower ability students through the year 12 course effectively.
I like how it is concise and follows the teaching order, the objectives of the homework make it clear for both the teacher and student as to what they will be covering. The use of sample data also makes things much easier for the teacher who may not have been able to collect accurate data during a lesson.
The tasks reinforce what is covered in lessons, they act as a good guide for students in review of the covered topics and in preparation for the next lesson. Division into ‘content check’, ‘essential skills’ and ‘extend your thinking’ also allow the homework to be differentiated according to the ability of the student. The tasks would act as effective revision in addition to homework. – P Stythe, Head of Science & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £109
Click here for full details and to order.

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