Classical Civilisation A Level OCR: Culture and the Arts: Greek Theatre

Classical Civilisation A Level OCR: Culture and the Arts: Greek Theatre

Comp 2: H408/21

The pack focuses on the study of visual and material culture, and the prescribed literature in translation, covering the specification requirements in three key sections:

  • Section A: Historical context
  • Section B: Understanding of the texts
  • Section C: Exam advice and the topic as a whole
  • Drama and the theatre in ancient Athenian society
  • Nature of tragedy
  • Nature of (old) comedy
  • Literary techniques, structure, and dramatic conventions
  • Social, political and religious themes in tragedy
  • Social, political and religious themes in comedy

Also includes!

  • Prescribed visual/material sources
  • Prescribed literary sources

A thorough knowledge base:

Students will understand how the writers shape meaning, audience reception, diverse contexts and influences, and genres and literary traditions to write well-informed answers to their exam questions.

Skills development:
Beyond insightful learning, students will develop the ability to respond critically to the sources and evaluate the impact of the classical world on the writing and the varied responses.

  • For use in class, as homework or for independent study

Activities based on exam question styles help develop knowledge and skills

Full colour PDF included.

‘An excellent resource. It is well written, has page references, illustrations… The teacher’s introduction was most helpful…It also keeps to the spec well as regarding themes, and the layout deliberately avoided narrative/chronological answers. The resource enhances learning by consolidating knowledge of the texts, but treads the tightrope well between too much and too little detail. Its educational value would be to stretch the most able by some of the activities while reassuring those who might get confused between the texts.’ – L Ashley, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

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