Cover Lessons for Year 9 Music

Cover Lessons for Year 9 Music

An invaluable collection of 15 fully resourced, stand-alone cover
lessons for each year group. Each worksheet is structured and easy to use, offering a
variety of progressive activities. All you need to set meaningful
cover – even with no time to prepare.

Engage your whole class with minimal teacher input!

  • Introduces key musical concepts in an approachable way –
    meets curriculum requirements in knowledge, listening, composing
    and performing
  • Diverse range of topics allows you to choose a lesson that
    fits with your scheme of work
  • Built-in extension tasks ensure even your fastest finishers
    stay motivated and on-task for the whole lesson

Most lessons require no additional resources or equipment, and
answers are provided – meaning you can also use the packs with
non-specialist teachers.

‘I feel that this resource for KS3 Cover is fantastic and works very well. The basic initial task can be completed by all students and gives opportunity to develop thoughts and ideas in a non-threatening way. The use of serialism provides students with all of the details that they need to complete the task, and there is a clear sequence of steps that can be understood by both students and cover or supply teachers.

The resource has clear explanations with the use of numbers and staff notation. This can be particularly useful for students that struggle to use notation effectively and can provide differentiated routes through the whole cover lesson. The aim higher activities provide a brilliant opportunity to stretch and challenge more able students or give additional tasks to those that finish quickly. I can imagine this cover sheet producing some very good results with my current year 9 students.

I feel that this complements a scheme of work on Film Music incredibly well. It gives the students an opportunity to compose a piece of atmospheric music with clear guidance and scaffolding. It could also be used within a scheme of work of serialism or serialist techniques. The resource asks students to consider the story line and think about the impact that music has on a particular part of a story. This allows the student to be musically creative in a cover lesson.

The presentation is clear and well thought out. I like the spaces that are provided for writing thoughts and ideas… The use of the spooky boxes is a really good touch, and it brings a bit of fun to the work that is required.

The resource fits well into the key stage 3 curriculum and could be used as cover at any point in the academic year for all year 9 students. The use of standard notation and the introduction of rhythm for the more able students allows the resource to have a positive impact on learning at KS4. I feel that would be true for all of the exam boards.

I have enjoyed reading through the resource and I feel that this could make a positive contribution to the curriculum at KS3 and beyond.’

S Humphries, Head of Music & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £59
Click here for full details and to order.

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