Othello: Flipped Classroom Resource for AS and A Level English Literature

Othello: Flipped Classroom Resource for AS and A Level English Literature

There are many who approach the exploration of Shakespeare’s captivating tragedy Othello with trepidation. This Flipped Learning resource aims to alleviate anxieties, replacing teaching concerns with learner confidence.

Students prepare at home with this vast collection of notes and activities, then reflect on key concepts back in the classroom. Innovative, seminar-style learning facilitates autonomous thinking and delivers ready-made, valuable homework tasks.

This inspires learners to engage with the devices, ideas and interpretations of the text together in class.

  • Supportive teacher section with specification information, further reading suggestions and a glossary of key terms
  • Independent learning taks (homework) provide students with:
    • Essential background material for pre- and post-reading research on genre, context, critical reception and more!
    • Chapter summaries, engaging reading tasks and a reading log – encourages student involvement and responsibility.
  • Classroom consolidation tasks (classwork)
    • Tasks build on students’ prior reading and consolidate their understanding of the text.
    • Cover all aspects of analysis and enable directed, in-depth classroom discussion of important textual elements such as characterisation, relationships, language, themes and structure.
  • Essay-writing advice and activities – including tips on planning, writing, reading and note-taking – help students get exam-ready.

‘A very high quality pack which is thorough, accurate and well structured … It really encourages independent learning … Support is provided for less able students whilst challenge activities stretch more able… Example exam questions and plans are really helpful… I really like the critical reading logs – the focused questions mean students can work independently in a meaningful way and the column where they can ask questions will facilitate interesting discussions in the classroom… I really like this pack and would definitely use it with my A Level class.’ – L Prince, Teacher & Reviewer

‘A really excellent, comprehensive resource that details very clearly an accessible way for students to approach and engage with the text… Its flipped nature putting the onus on students to prepare for classes would I am sure result in much richer in-class discussions – and they’re more likely to remember content too. A real win… A really high standard resource…’ – E Harpley, Course Team Leader & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £129
Click here for full details and to order.

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