Dracula: A Level Advanced Learner Pack for OCR and Edexcel

Dracula: A Level Advanced Learner Pack for OCR and Edexcel

Central themes of nationality, race, sexuality and gender identity make Dracula an extraordinary text to study. Stoker brings together classic Gothic conventions and tropes, only to subvert them and turn them into something new and modern – it’s his reworking of these themes that ensures the novel is still relevant in our own century.

Challenge your strongest students with informative notes, questions and exam-preparation material, to discover the text’s continuing importance.

Pitched to the 2015 AS and A Level specifications, this pack will inspire your strongest students to go the extra mile in their journey towards exam success.


  • A carefully constructed historical timeline
  • Indicative content for all questions

Look out for!

  • Further reading and ‘Did You Know’ boxes suggestions
  • Key term boxes to encourage students to use sophisticated language
  • Sample answers and commentary for both exam boards – great for focused, targeted revision!

I was seriously impressed by the level of knowledge in this resource: this is exactly what I can imagine using to stretch and challenge the ablest of my Sixth Form pupils. It is perfectly set up to provide the brightest pupils with challenging ideas, tasks and reading that will push them beyond the remit of the classroom… I liked its structure: the way in which it was based around mini-essays providing excellent content on particular themes and ideas, followed by discussion questions and activities that allowed pupils to use the mini-essay as a launch pad to develop their knowledge of that particular theme further… The educational value of this resource lies in its ability to encourage independent research and also give ambitious pupils precisely the kind of material that they would need to push towards attaining an A* at A Level. The questions and activities are probing and organised excellently to develop pupils’ knowlege of the text and other secondary materials… This text must have taken a lot of work and the writer should be applauded for their efforts. I can imagine handing it to pupils who are Oxbridge candidates or wanting to study English Literature at University and it would give them everything they would need to push themselves and develop with no work from me whatsoever! A godsend!

J Hathaway, Head of English & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £49
Click here for full details and to order.

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