Theory Cover Lessons for KS3 PE

Theory Cover Lessons for KS3 PE

Be prepared for staff absences with this pick-up-and-go resource!

20 carefully constructed and versatile theory lessons.
An invaluable collection of stand-alone lessons bridging the gap by introducing key concepts from KS4 qualifications, allowing your students to make the step up with confidence.

Structured and progressive lessonslesson objectives, starters, mains and plenaries – ready to use at a moment’s notice, even by non-specialists.

Background reading engages concepts in an approachable way

Clear and concise instructions with timings and resources listed for effortless delivery – no preparation needed!

Varied, progressive and accessible tasks – engage and stimulate students in exciting key topics.

Answers included – perfect for peer-marking and self-marking.

Creative extensions – ensure your fastest finishers stay motivated and on task for the whole lesson.

Also includes ‘practical application’ boxes throughout, prompting students to apply their new knowledge and understanding to their own sporting involvement.

Topics covered:

body systems, joints and movement, components of fitness, principles of training, skill classification, goal-setting, stress and anxiety, engagement patterns, ethics and deviance, health and well-being, diet and nutrition

On the whole I think it’s the best resource I’ve used from Zig-Zag so far. A huge resource that is great value for money! I liked the summary of lessons that can be used to provide cover for lessons in a fraction of the time usually taken, there are also lots of Youtube links that can be accessed to further develop students’ knowledge and understanding. Some very simple activities produced that are very effective, such as the images of sports stars performing skills and then asking students to identify joints being used when performing such skills. I feel that it develops and reinforces students’ knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the CNAT and GCSE PE course. I particularly like how the resource has produced a number of case studies on a range of areas, that does prompt higher order thinking and problem solving that will help students to access higher grades. It is great for staff to use a different way of teaching a particular topic or just used to set work for cover teachers, whereby it lends itself into tapping into a range of learning styles.

K Marston, PE teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £99
Click here for full details and to order.

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