Practice Papers for A Level OCR Law: Paper 1 The Legal System and Criminal Law

Practice Papers for A Level OCR Law: Paper 1 The Legal System and Criminal Law

New for the 2020 specifications!

Comprehensive practice for the new A Level exams!

Each resource has three full practice papers of original exam-style questions that mirror the question types and number of marks in your exam board’s sample assessment materials. Indicative content is provided for every question for marking guidance.

Ideal for revision and mocks:

  • designed for the 2020 specification
  • follow the structure and style of the OCR SAMs
  • cover the A Level topics thoroughly
  • offer original scenarios to encourage new analysis opportunities

Flexible! Questions can also be set for mock exams or as revision for key topics, homework or extension work.

I was very impressed by the resource. There have been a number of recent changes to the OCR specification which has resulted in changes to the number of marks awarded for certain questions. This resource has the up to date marks for the questions. All of the questions reflect the current spec content and are reflective on the kind of questions OCR have indicated could be asked through their specimen papers and training courses. In addition the corresponding mark schemes are detailed and formatted in the same way OCR format theirs. The layout of the exam questions and the mark scheme mirrors that of the exam board so it will prepare students well for the real exam.

Teachers (whether experienced or not) often find it difficult to write past papers for students to use. Full papers with mark schemes can be time consuming to produce. Also, teachers can be apprehensive as to whether the questions they have written are reflective of the kind of questions students could be asked in the real exam. This resource is therefore a useful reassurance and a time saver for teachers. It also covers several areas of course content.

This resource would be useful for both experienced and teachers who are new to the course. Assessment of students in fundamental to ensuring their success on the course and ability to reach their full potential. Teachers will frequently set past exam questions for students for practice, mocks or independent study. As the specification has undergone a number of recent changes there are not many past questions on the OCR website so that bank of questions would be exhausted quickly over the two-year course. This resource would prevent teachers from having to write their own past papers incurring the issues discussed above. As a mark scheme for the questions in also included, students could self or peer assess the work produced adding to the educational value.

This is a high quality and very useful resource for teachers delivering the OCR A level course

C Vaughan, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I thought the resource was generally very good – a good range of topics covered and and allowed students to address topics and elements of topics.

The resource is helpful for consolidating learning, or as mock exam practice, or as individual revision material, and would be welcomed by teachers as it saves a lot of preparation time.

Considerable value to teachers – saves a lot of preparation time and can be used in a variety of ways – as a consolidation exercise, as mock or practice exams and as an individual student revision self-assessment resource.

The layout of the answers on AO order is very helpful and supports new or non-specialist teachers and students.

P Braddick , Law Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked this resource, thought it was useful for students to identify issues, and useful for teachers to use as assessment. This resource matches well with what I would expect to see in an OCR exam.

E White, Law Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £59
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