A Level AQA History Activities: Option 2C: The Reformation in Europe, c1500–1564

A Level AQA History Activities: Option 2C: The Reformation in Europe, c1500–1564

31 activities enable students to get to grips with the important events discussed in each unit, while developing an understanding of the key questions and themes to be tackled in order to succeed in the exam.

Great for students…

  • Engaging, interesting activities build knowledge both in depth and synoptically
  • Logical structure considers the overview of each topic before zoning in on the most important themes and events
  • ‘Extension’ thinking activities challenge your most-able students – and are also the basis for useful essay practice

Great for teachers…

  • Every activity matched to a spec topic and an AO
  • Ultimate flexibility! Varied tasks of different lengths can be used for homework, classwork and even cover lessons.
  • All resources included for an easy, pick-up-and-teach resource – with indicative content for all activities

Plus handy overview grid with key activity information, including timings, group size and assessment objective coverage – great for quick and easy planning!

“A Rolls Royce among Activity Packs! It is a labour of love. It will give students such a great foundation that will help them achieve very well.

The material on women and on the Schmalkaldic League is excellent.

The activities seem to specialise in getting to grips with the theological debates. I have never seen this done so well in a History resource. This shows appropriate rigour and differentiates this from other resources.

The answers, which are exceptionally detailed, on their own would represent a fabulous revision guide.

The exercises and stimulating and will encourage a prop disciplined approach to a tough subject. Its strength is its tough content learning demands, but it also, in teaching the content so effectively, encourages skills work of the highest order.

It fills in the parts that the modern-day textbook does not do because it demands a high level of theological grasp, which would be missing from many History books. But this is how to teach this subject. It makes the students imagine the past and go back and actually see why these issues actually mattered. This is a precious “skill” to develop and it is one that History does best. Students who do these exercises will simply be enriched.

[This resource] is obviously the culmination of years of work by a very accomplished teacher.” – K White, Head of History & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £79
Click here for full details and to order.

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