PE Applied: Case Studies for OCR A Level PE: 1.3 Biomechanics

PE Applied: Case Studies for OCR A Level PE: 1.3 Biomechanics

Don’t just develop students’ knowledge – apply it!

Seven unique and student-friendly case studies presented as magazine-style articles with progressive questions, covering ‘1.3 Biomechanics’ of the OCR A Level PE specification. An ingenious and versatile way to cover the content – flipped learning, independent learning tasks, last minute revision.

  • Accessible case studies – stimulate interest in real-world applications of the topic
  • Imaginative and detailed methods of presentation – data, diagrams, images – maximising student engagement
  • External links and videos – inspire further research!

Targeted development through the AOs with engaging questions for each article!

  • ‘Use the data’ questions develop students’ quantitative skills
  • ‘Test your knowledge’ questions facilitate students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding (AO1)
  • ‘Apply your understanding’ questions support students to apply understanding to the article and other sporting situations (AO2)
  • Exam-style extended-response questions challenge students to analyse and evaluate key concepts (AO3)

Full Answers Included – great for peer- and self-assessment

‘Very good resource for A Level Students. All AO’s covered and a nice mix of questions, as would appear in the exam. Really good and current.
Nice links for extended reading. I like the “expand your knowledge” box, e.g. the breaking 2 documentary. The case studies / scenarios are that good – they can be used as a tool to link to other topics on the course, not just Biomechanics. I would use as Flipped Learning and Independent Study.’ – I Scotson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

‘Really excellent resource. A great companion for the course and will aid students and teachers greatly. The content is suitable and specific to the spec. I like the added links at the end of the articles to Youtube videos… think this provides excellent way to extend the learning of PE students, especially on this difficult topic area. Great way to consolidate learning, could be used as homework, especially online homework in the current situation.’ – R Lamb, Head of Business & Economics & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £54
Click here for full details and to order.

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