GCSE Edexcel DT Topic on a Page: Polymers 4.1-4.8 and Timbers 7.1-7.8

GCSE Edexcel DT Topic on a Page

Highly visual and engaging A3 (photocopiable) revision posters break down all of the key content for the GCSE (9–1) Edexcel specification.

Each topic summary is provided as:

  1. A complete Revision Poster
  2. A partially complete Activity Poster with focused and varied tasks for structured revision (lower- and higher-ability versions included – perfect for progressive activities or differentiation)

(in both A3 and A4 format!)

  • Hand out at the end of a topic for revision recap
  • Hand out partially completed worksheets for in-class activities, or as homework
  • Display on classroom walls as visual cues
  • Concise notes cover all the key terminology and knowledge students need for the exam.
  • Diagrams and images facilitate understanding and retention of information – perfect for visual learners!


  • Bonus posters for Materials: Technical Processes and Equipment
  • All posters fit together to reveal a product lifecycle – demonstrates clear links between key topics.

“The resource would be very suitable for KS4 students who are studying the Timber section of the examination. It is very detailed, and the information is displayed in a format that is easy to understand and read. There is a good number of images that the students will enjoy looking at rather than just lots of written text. The format of the pages with some images alongside mind maps. It demonstrates a good way to learn the topic uses different ways of presenting the material they need to learn. I like the fact that they have shown the topic number which corresponds to the specification. I also like the way the images have been annotated showing good practice for their own work. The resource has all the areas that are assessed in topic 7. Students can use the information on the first two pages to find the answers and fill in the gaps. I find that students are well versed in doing this and will find it easy to complete independently. This makes it easy to be set as homework or other independent learning. The resource matches the specification specifically and has all the areas that students need to know in a small condensed space. It makes the learning feel achievable rather than pages and pages as displayed in the text book. All the areas of topic 7 are included, I particularly like the stock forms, an area that my students sometimes struggle with.” – J Norton, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £49 each
Click here for full details and to order.

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