Cover Lessons for KS3 English

Cover Lessons for KS3 English

For Years 7, 8 and 9

15 fully resourced, tried-and-tested cover lessons (5 per year group) to cater for staff absences. You’ll always have a structured, stand-alone lesson that’s relevant to the curriculum – even when there’s no time to prepare!

Keep students engaged and on task…

  • “Thoughtful”, “accessible” activities that ensure engagement for the whole lesson, with creative extension tasks to challenge fast finishers
  • Covering a diverse range of topics for reading and writing, from meeting a Bond-style villain to creating a Frankenstein-style recipe or being stranded on a Lord of the Flies-style desert island
  • Includes “engaging” extracts from a range of authors across prose and drama – from Hardy and Horowitz to Shakespeare and Shelley

… with minimal teacher input!

  • Lesson overview grid and clear learning outcomes – designed to cover KS3 curriculum requirements to allow you to choose a lesson that fits with your SoW
  • Self-contained student worksheets with minimal photocopying and only standard classroom equipment required – great for non-specialists!
  • Answers provided for quick peer-marking or by teacher on return to work

Lessons include: Year 7: Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre; A Meeting with a Villain; What’s the weather like today?; In the Fast Lane; Protecting the Planet; Year 8: Creating a Character; Trickery in Love; Survival; Town and Country; Casting a Spell; Gothic Horror; Year 9: Attitudes to the First World War; Young Love; Union and Division; What does the future hold?

‘The content is really high quality and is suitable for KS3 pupils – all very accessible for this age group whilst providing challenge too. I like the way the tasks for each year group become more difficult. I like the way reading and writing tasks are included for each task. This would add flexibility to set cover which fits in with what the class are working on. Likewise reading texts that cover the three genres of drama, prose and poetry also add this flexibility and mean that the tasks can be slotted in to most units of work as stand alone lessons. The answers page for each task is perfect for a cover lesson where the teacher may not be a subject specialist. Great range of tasks which cover the requirements of the KS3 curriculum. All the activities are great and enhance learning. There is a useful overview grid at the start to quickly identify which lesson to use. I like the way each lesson follows a similar format and the sequencing of tasks enables understanding- the tasks become more difficult as the lesson progresses. There is lots of help for students to complete the tasks independently in a cover lesson with sentence starters, planning ideas etc. The use of visual pictures and symbols also helps with this.’ – L Prince, Assistant Head of English & Expert Reviewer

‘The resource is well planned with thoughtful, varied activities. The answers are useful for a non-specialist teacher and I like the balance between reading and writing activities in each lesson. The lessons link well with the NC resources. The activities are accessible to all students and the extension task means that the activities will definitely last the whole lesson without students getting bored. I liked the icons used for each task to promote consistency for the students. The extracts selected were engaging for students and the glossaries will help to build confidence. The resource has been designed to compliment the NC and these links are made clear in the guidance for teachers. Opportunities for reading and writing are linked and provided in all lessons. This gives flexibility to the school but also matches the broad purpose of KS3 English well.’ – G Gilvin, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer

‘This teacher clearly is knowledgeable about literature and effectively supporting students – the resource reflects this and would be easy to implement in classrooms. The layout is uncluttered and clear – the icons are used well. The lessons are engaging and fun – I would have enjoyed doing these myself in the absence of a teacher. The writing tasks are well-scaffolded with the sentence starters. These lessons are not just ‘busy work’ – they are meaningful and challenging. As an absent teacher, I would feel like my students were doing useful work. [The resource] attends to important skills and gives students authentic practice in the type of tasks they meet in assessments. This is one of the highest quality resources I’ve seen in a while. It’s practical and does what teachers are paying for – saves time.’ – A Baiden, KS3 Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £59
Click here for full details and to order.

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