The Homeric World Study Guide for GCSE OCR Classical Civilisation

The Homeric World Study Guide for GCSE OCR Classical Civilisation


Component Group 2: Literature and Culture

Students will experience life in the Mycenaean age through visual and literary sources in this comprehensive study guide.

  • Delve into Mycenaean architecture, its legendary founders, features and purposes – including the Cyclopean Walls.
  • Explore key artefacts, from jewellery and pottery to tombs and death masks with accompanying images

4 activity types:

  1. Example questions
  2. Guided activities
  3. Consolidation tasks
  4. Independent research

Plus! A full-colour PDF is included so that students can benefit from looking at the visual sources in colour!

This easy-to-use pack in two sections covers all prescribed sources, and varied unseen sources, such as additional Mycenaean sites and the Postern Gate.

Prescribed Sources
Culture Literature
  • The site of Mycenae
  • The site of Tiryns
  • Evidence for the site of Troy
  • Dagger blade showing hunting scene from Grave Circle A, Mycenae
  • Fresco of Mycenaean lady holding a necklace, House of the Chief Priest, Mycenae
  • Gold death mask of Agamemnon from Shaft Grave V, Mycenae • Gold pyxis from Grave Circle A, Shaft Grave V, Mycenae • Gold Rhyton from Grave Circle A, Mycenae
  • Mycenaean warrior vase, House of the Warrior, Mycenae
  • Linear B tablet showing the word “tripod” in syllabic and ideogram forms, Pylos
  • Homer’s Odyssey Books: 9, 10, 19, 21, 22

Sources for success

GCSE-friendly notes and varied activities enable core skills development in the use of sources for the GCSE OCR Classical Civilisation ‘Thematic Study’ and ‘Literature and Culture’ components.

Students learn how to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the prescribed material and draw informed conclusions through examples and guidance.

After building confidence, students challenge themselves with independent research tasks, practice questions and unseen sources.

Comprehensive coverage of source types:

  • Literary
  • Visual/material
  • Prescribed
  • Unseen

Key exam requirements covered:

  • Understand literary and visual/material sources
  • Use source materials to understand social, historical and cultural contexts
  • Convey significance of these contexts through informed judgement
  • Understand possible interpretations from different audiences

Easy to read – L Ashley, Head of Classics & Peer Reviewer

An invaluable companion to the OCR textbook; information is more detailed and more clearly presented than in the textbook. – J King, Head of Classics & Peer Reviewer

A valuable high-standard resource. – S Tanner, Classics Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £99
Click here for full details and to order.

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