Topic Assessment System for A Level Edexcel Politics: Component 3A: USA Politics

Topic Assessment System for A Level Edexcel Politics

Assessments at 3 levels, each with a paired reinforcement test that mirrors the first. Hundreds of new questions comprehensively cover A Level Edexcel Politics!

  • Easy solution for differentiation
  • Regular assessment ensures practice and progress
  • Flexible use
    and easy marking

Levelled Assessments for every topic:

  • 1: Multiple Choice Quizzes with paired Set B
    • Check essential AO1 knowledge of each topic:
      • Students show understanding of key information – motivating for weaker students
      • Reveals weaknesses in fundamental knowledge and understanding
  • 2: Short-answer Tests with paired Set B
    • Focus on analysis of all key areas of each topic at AO2 level:
      • Each short-answer question is a bite-size challenge towards an essay on the topic

      • USA Politics: comparative topics culminate in 12-mark comparative theories questions
  • 3: Exam-style Essays with paired Set B
    • Put it all into practice! Prepare for exam success by building AO3 evaluation skills.
      • Full range of exam-style 30-markers represented
      • Set A: model answers for students to analyse and compare with their own
      • Set B: indicative content to self-mark

“This resource is very high quality and perfect for teaching A Level Politics. It is very suitable for its target audience as it covers the specification well and reaches its target audience… there are a variety of difficulty questions given, meaning teachers could select the most appropriate for their students. There is a good variety of easier, medium and more challenging questions – a good balance of the three has been achieved… AO2 is covered excellently in the Test questions and the Essays cover AO3 … Definitely suitable and definitely enhance learning. Great that there are two sets so that different questions can be used at different stages in the learning without using the same question twice … the Test questions would be great for self/peer assessment. This resource will aid teacher’s planning whilst also giving students more independence in their learning” – L Tilley, Teacher & Expert Reviewer

“very good … an excellent set of resources to help underline learning, understanding and application. It has clearly been written by somebody who is knowledgeable and has been faithful to the Edexcel content … I like the range of the questions … an excellent spread across the course and demonstrate the extent of the knowledge that the students need to have in order to achieve the best marks on the paper. The structure of quiz, test, and essay (as with the UK and Ideologies variants) are consistent and if Teachers are purchasing all three variants, this will greatly aid students and Teachers when planning … I like the fact the students can see the depth of the US topics. It is very important for the students to be able to delve deeply into this topic but at a pace which works for them. The quizzes are a great entry level topic, the tests are a great step-up, and the essays are good for modelling … a great set of varied activities” – D Taborda, Politics Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is from £19
Click here for full details and to order.

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