Classical Civilisation A Level OCR: The World of the Hero

Classical Civilisation A Level OCR: The World of the Hero:

Buy both packs to cover the full compulsory component, H408/11

Enable students to delve into The World of the Hero with guides on:

  • Homer’s Odyssey
  • Virgil’s Aeneid

Each pack focuses on the study of the prescribed literature in translation, covering the specification requirements in three key sections:

  1. Section A: Historical context
  2. Section B: Understanding of the text
  3. Including:

    • A summary of the lines
    • References to key figures and places
    • The heroic world: characterisation and themes
    • Literary techniques and composition
    • The social, cultural and religious context
  4. Section C: The work as a whole

A thorough knowledge base:

Students will understand how the writers shape meaning, audience reception, diverse contexts and influences, and genres and literary traditions to write well-informed answers to their exam questions.

Skills development:

Beyond insightful learning, students will develop the ability to respond critically to the texts and evaluate the impact of the classical world on the writing and the varied responses.

→ For use in class, as homework or for independent study

“On the whole, I think that this is a very useful resource. It adds some interesting and valuable information and, more importantly, it provides teachers with good supplementary classroom activities. I particularly liked the clear layout and standardised structure of the content, especially with regard to the study of each of the prescribed books of the Odyssey. I liked that images have been included; also links to various internet-based resources. The resource is well-written and accurate in the information it provides. It is closely linked to the OCR Specification for H408/11 The World of the Hero (Odyssey). Its activities will be effective in consolidating knowledge of the text, and of clarifying in teachers’/students’ minds the various topics/themes nominated for study in the specification. The resource is perfectly in sync with the specification and the OCR-endorsed textbook. It will be easy for teachers to integrate this resource into their classroom teaching, either concurrently or perhaps, for revision purposes, subsequently.” – J King, Head of Classics & Peer Reviewer

“I thought this was an excellent resource. It’s rare that I have far more positive than negative comments when reviewing, but this was one of those occasions, from the clear frontispiece,with set books highlighted, to the end. I particularly liked the thorough teacher’s introduction which was followed through in the body of the resource. It enhances learning by not just providing information but balancing it carefully with activities,so that students can take ownership of their learning. Its educational value is to provide a clear understanding of such a crucial aspect of western civilisation,without losing sight of the examination to be taken.” – L Ashley, Head of Classics & Peer Reviewer

“This resource would be a help to any teacher of this specification, as well as being an informative course in itself on the Aeneid. The ideas are clearly presented and would form a good preparation for the exam. The resource provides a helpful logical progression in terms of learning. The first section introduces the student to the historical and political context. Then the second section studies in detail the plot and themes for each book. The third section ties the elements together and helps the student to get into the theme-based mindset of examination questions, rather than fall into the temptation of simply retelling the story. Useful activities are provided throughout. As well as something a teacher could cover in class, there is ample material for students to study and research alone outside of class time. Helpful YouTube links to other resources are also provided.” – S Tanner, Head of Classics & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £79/£69
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