Geographical Skills for GCSE WJEC, Eduqas A and Eduqas B

Geographical Skills for GCSE WJEC, Eduqas A and Eduqas B

The Ultimate Practical Guide!

Learn, practise and master every skill…

Bringing together every required skill into one easy to use, easy to teach pack.

  • ‘Technique tips’ explain best practice
  • ‘Exam hints’ help students avoid common mistakes
  • Student-friendly language in a geographical context

Enable students to gain a better understanding of these skills through hands-on study and revision:

  • Practice Exercises to put skills into practice
  • Exam assignments to prepare them for the exam
  • Extension and topic-specific skills covered too!

Easy to use, photocopiable worksheets that can be flexibly integrated into an existing scheme of work or taught as a block series of skills lessons.

‘High quality resource guides the student through the key skills need as part of the Eduqas GCSE Geography series. Through quality, explanation students will understand and hone their skills. Step-by-step instructions so students can grasp some of the most complex skills in the specifications. This resource is suited to use for independent or even remote learning by students whilst also being useful if used in the classroom.

The explanation in this resource is of a real high standard. The use of hints and tips really would help students in the exam. It is easy to follow. In addition, I like the use of diagrams and figures, as they are really simple and easy to understand which is hard to find.

This has a high educational value; the instruction is of a real high quality and will aid many students with many simple tips and hints. Students are able to look at skills independent as this area is often ignored by teachers as they struggle to teach the content.

Probably one of the best explanations of key geography and map skills. It would enable my students to complete more complex task independently.’ – L Hinchliffe, Geography Teacher & Peer Reviewer

‘Plenty of detailed information. All the map skills in one place really appeals to me as it has potential to work really well as a homework type booklet. The resource would provide an understanding about different skills required in GCSE Geography. Also the use of exercises to test are useful.’ – A Prickett, Curriculum Leader for Geography & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £129 each
Click here for full details and to order.

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