Quantitative Skills Workbook for GCSE 9-1 Edexcel Business

Quantitative Skills Workbook for GCSE 9-1 Edexcel Business

Pitched perfectly for GCSE 9–1: the right level, concepts and contexts to ensure business numeracy. Comprehensive theory explanations, worked examples and practice questions to use in class or as homework – all in a student-friendly voice.

Supports Self-study!

  1. Easy to understand explanations of key concepts and calculations targeting quantitative skills
  2. Realistic business data to apply skills in context and interpret relevant data
  3. Answers and A5 workbook version included

Plenty of Practice

  • Over 80 exam-style questions to practise calculations and interpretation
  • 120 multiple-choice questions: easy to mark!
  • Progressive difficulty to enable differentiation and challenge

It gives students the chance to practice a range of quantitative skills using small short case studies to enable them a close resemblance to what they will see in the exam… teachers of the new GCSE 9-1 courses will find this incredibly suitable for in class and homework activities… The resource offers multiple opportunities for students to work with a variety of numbers and scenarios which are both accessible yet challenging, making it highly useful for the intended audience… Particularly like the fact it has different styles of questions to enable students to really practice key GCSE skills.’ – R Lamb, HoD & Peer Reviewer

‘The use of worked examples is useful to support modelling of quantitative skills throughout the specification. Each quantitative skill is covered through exam style questions allowing students to focus specifically on individual skills… Quantitative skills are explained, modelled and then assessed using multiple choice questions and short and long response questions allowing students many opportunities to practise key calculations. The use of models, case studies and scenarios allows students to confront quantitative calculations within context which is useful in developing an understanding of how to answer real questions in the terminal examinations, instead of simply performing calculations… This resource provides full coverage of all quantitative skills required within the specification for GCSE 9-1 Business, and presents these using a varied range of approaches which provides challenge throughout. Students are also given opportunities to use calculations to support arguments in essay response scenarios which provides coverage of the range of assessment objectives required… a valuable addition to the toolkit of any teacher.’ – S Stones, Associate Leader & Peer Reviewer

‘Lots of practical examples to help develop students skills. It covers the quantitative skills thoroughly and would be a useful aid for any teacher to deliver the numerical content required at GCSE. It has questions which could be allocated to different students depending on their ability… I like the range of question styles that they used, multiple choice as well as extended answer… mark scheme included… range of presentation techniques used to present data e.g. table, graphs etc… worked examples so can be used as a teaching aid or a revision guide for pupils… With the new specification there is a greater emphasis on quantitative skills and this booklet will help students prepare for this element of the course. I would use the worked examples in lessons and then the questions to check understanding. Some could also be used for homework and revision purposes. Will help students consolidate their knowledge.’ – D Duguid, Head of Business & Peer Reviewer

‘Focus on quantitative skills is good and a niche area… aspects can be embedded into the class discussion on the powerpoint to aid the SAQ and LAQ questions, which help add application for the levelling of the answer response… All sections are clear and it is nice to see the MC [multiple-choice] move to SAQ [short-answer question]. Section 7 is explained well and easy for a learner to understand, which also matches the standard of the Edexcel draft assessment topics relating to cash flow forecast.’ – L Price, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £99
Click here for full details and to order.

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