Scheme of Work for KS3: Introduction to the Keyboard

Scheme of Work for KS3: Introduction to the Keyboard

Written by an experienced piano teacher, this resource provides a thorough introduction to the keyboard for Year 7 students.

Six one-hour lessons with student worksheets, and scores for performance, including a starter, main and plenary task – everything you need to pick up and teach, even if you have limited experience of the piano yourself.

Inspire your students!

  • Stimulating theory worksheets for every lesson
  • Varied activities to support different learnings styles
  • Scores based on recognisable pieces to keep students engaged
  • Lessons differentiated for a range of abilities – allows every pupil to achieve their potential
    • Pathway 1 (Beginners): Builds knowledge gradually, through approachable, step-by-step exercises
    • Pathway 2 (Lapsed Pianist): Students perform more complex arrangements and rhythms
    • Pathway 3 (Experienced): Includes more challenging versions of the songs and independent activities

Effortless delivery!

  • Comprehensive lesson plans – ready to use or adapt to your class’s needs
  • Clear schemes of work closely linked to the KS3 curriculum:
    • Students learn to read and write stave notation
    • Students are taught to play and perform on an instrument
  • All answers provided – perfect for AfL and speedy peer-assessment

“A very good resource. The scheme covered a range of different skills with a good emphasis on correct technique. The music chosen for study is relevant and enjoyable for the students to play.

The overall plan and individual lessons are structured well, and the learning journey is well considered and shows considerable thought.

I felt that this resource would enable a teacher to teach a well-sequenced set of lessons straight out of the box. I liked the direct, plain language as this ensured the main intentions were. The Teacher’s introduction (p1) provided good detail and outlined the intentions well. The information relating to differentiation was very useful and the series of prompts provided for each lesson give some focus for the students to work independently.

This resource does enhance learning and provides high quality opportunities for developing musical understanding and piano playing. The in-built differentiation is useful and provides an initial idea as to how the work may be adapted to higher ability students. This means that the work can be accessed by the majority of students in the class.

The educational value of this resource is clear and provides the students with a clear understanding of technique and access to performance.

I would definitely like to use this resource for my teaching.

I have enjoyed reading through the resource and I feel that this could make a positive contribution to the curriculum at KS3” – S Humphries, Head of Music & Peer Reviewer

“Really well presented. Very professionally done.

I like the challenges for more-able pupils.

I like the video links.” – R Jenkins, Head of Music & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £44
Click here for full details and to order.

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