Stormbreaker: Scheme of Work for KS3 Drama

Stormbreaker: Scheme of Work for KS3 Drama

Engage your students with this exciting eight-lesson scheme of work, based on Anthony Horowitz’s bestselling novel about a teenage boy thrust into the world of espionage after his uncle dies in mysterious circumstances.

Even the most reluctant students will love exploring the world of spies and gadgets while learning key drama skills. After all, doesn’t every teenager dream of being a spy? (Well, except Alex Rider, of course!)

Drama skills developed: performing, evaluating, characterisation, duologue, ensemble, physicality, body language, montage creation, episodic structure, hot seating, devising

For each lesson:

  • Detailed plans, including starters, mains, plenaries and homeworks – pick up and teach
  • Ready-made student worksheets and handouts – no preparation needed


  • Peer- and self-review opportunities – develop key assessment skills
  • Carefully structured lessons with multiple activities to maximise engagement
  • A final assessed performance allowing students to showcase their achievements

Plus! Supporting PowerPoints with teacher notes ‒ perfect for visual learners and whole-class engagement!

‘ A wonderful starting point for drama students at KS3.

The author states that this resource provides the building blocks for devising and character creation for the later years of drama and I agree.

The author provides clear direction for teacher delivery with timings and detailed instructions. The author has provided prompts and ideas for ‘indecisive groups’ which is a real time saver for the teacher! A range of resources and activities are provided as well as ideas for differentiation.

The notion of rehearsal etiquette and discipline will be beneficial to the students when progressing through the drama curriculum. This is great to see stressed in a scheme of work.

The author has considered activities and what will appeal to the students e.g. Tik Tok is current and would be well received by this age range.

The resource introduces students to the basics of drama and subject specific terminology e.g. body language, devising, thought tracking etc. as well as the use of script all of which could be explored a little more throughout the scheme of work to culminate in lesson 8.

There are a range of resources to help expand students’ knowledge around the subject; books, tv, films of ‘Stormbreaker’ (Alex Rider) which are accessible for students who really enjoy the topic and subject matter.

This resource provides a practical scheme of work which students will engage with and develop a good knowledge of the drama basics. The terminology and focus of lessons will help students to learn and explore a range of techniques and skills that will be required at KS4 Drama.

Fun and humorous activities which will enable students to develop skills in a creative and light-hearted way.’ – L Caroleo, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

‘I really liked the stimulus and I could imagine the students getting really engaged with it.

Loved the ideas and general feel of the resource.

Introduces several drama techniques in an engaging and enjoyable way.

Works very well for a non-drama specialist.

Really enjoyed the personal comments and teacher suggestions.

A tried and tested scheme with lots of useful comments.’ – R Crosbie, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £44
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