Course Companions for BTEC Level 3 National Certificate in Applied Law

Course Companions for BTEC Level 3 National Certificate in Applied Law

Unit 1: Dispute Solving in Civil Law
Unit 3: Applying the Law

Engage your students and embed their learning with these clear and concise course companions. Covering all aspects of Unit 1 and 3 for the BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Applied Law, these packs cover the key topics, terms and theories needed for the exam.

Throughout you will find:

  • Varied activities to encourage students to analyse and evaluate
  • Research tasks to support independent study and discover the law themselves
  • Student-friendly notes and supporting diagrams to engage and instil knowledge

For exam success:

  • Exam-style scenario questions provide plenty of practice and familiarise students with the exam
  • Indicative content included for easy marking and exam guidance
  • Point-by-point plans and model answers support students and build confidence

“An excellent resource to make a BTEC unit engaging! It ticks all the right boxes for a teacher when planning a unit of work. It is set out in a logical format, topic by topic with all key aspects included from exam tips and concise theories to practice questions and key terms. It’s will help busy teachers save time in preparing lessons and their teaching of this unit.

I like the clear and concise knowledge of the key topics that are studied throughout the unit. Perfect for the audience and will suit the ability of BTEC learners to perfection.

Good links to cases throughout, without being too many.

The format is very clear and concise. The clear table of contents and key terms are very useful to guide through the pack and understand difficult concepts.

The practice questions throughout the pack are very good for assessing learning and allows the students to apply the knowledge for every topic. The questions are for each topic which makes the practice available very comprehensive.

The layout is very clear for the target audience – teachers and students. The guidance/contents at the start and throughout are easy to navigate and allows for ease of use of the entire resource.

The resource matches the outline of the Unit 3 – BTEC specification very well – it clearly identifies the relevant topics and sub-topics that need to be taught. It identifies the relevant assessment information at the beginning of the pack. All the activities and practice questions are very relevant to the assessment format, this will give students the ability to practice their skills effectively before their actual assessment.

The top tips for the exam and assessment focus is very good! The top-tip for the highest grades is very good! This is exactly the thing teachers need to support students with accessing the top grades in this BTEC unit.

It enhances student’s ability to understand the key content that is required in this unit. There is not an overhwhelming amount of content which means it will be easier for BTEC students to grasp. The range of scenario questions will enable students to practice their skills of application, essential in preparing them for their assessment. The clear and easy to understand top-tips for the exam and assessment focus table at the beginning of the booklet will enable students to have the best chance of success. This is a very beneficial educational resource as it also frees up teachers from creating lengthy activities and booklets of knowledge – it is very good to promote independent learning and is well worth the money!” – J Watkinson, Teacher of Law & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £44-£49
Click here for full details and to order.

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