A Streetcar Named Desire A Level AQA A Exam Preparation Pack

A Streetcar Named Desire A Level AQA A Exam Preparation Pack

With enduring characters and a lyrical approach to exploring the dark themes of love, loss and lies, A Streetcar Named Desire remains a perennially popular choice at A Level.

Apply understanding and refine exam technique with key revision activities, detailed exam advice, essay-building activities, exam-style questions and model answers. Be prepared for A Level AQA A Paper 2B exam questions with this thorough and supportive pack.

  • Student-friendly revision notes and activities on key elements of A Streetcar Named Desire including:
    • Detailed scene-by-scene revision notes, and activities to recap knowledge of context, themes, motifs and more!
  • ‘Exam Skills’ section containing:
    • Sample essay plans with activities to provide a supportive framework for any exam-style question
    • Tasks on writing introductions to ensure students make a great first impression
    • Guidance on writing clearly and accurately for clarity
  • 9 Section A and 4 Section B exam-style questions and 4 original sample essays, detailed AO commentary and reflective student activities – familiarise students with examiner thinking and practise improving grades
  • Student-friendly mark schemes and indicative content – perfect for easy marking and self-assessment

Ready to embed into your revision programme in class or as homework.

“It is thorough and would be useful to a teacher new to the text or wanting students to have a stand-alone revision aid. It is also useful for students who need to work remotely or to supplement class teaching.

I like the use of exam questions and exemplar responses, together with the examiner comments. Supplying indicative content for the exam questions is also useful for both students and teachers.

The resource is clearly aimed at the AQA A specification and is very clear on the assessment objectives.

[This resource] is very accurate in representing the received opinion of the text and very focused on what students need to know for the AQA Spec A exam, paper 2B.” – C Allison, Examiner, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

“A comprehensive resource which gave a thorough walk through of the text but also clearly directed pupils towards responding to the text in relation to the AQA exam board specification for A Level English Literature.

It was organised and aimed at highlighting the various Assessment Outcomes that pupils needed to target.

The resource was aimed at promoting self-study and independent working habits, and all of the activities struck a healthy balance between providing students with input and also encouraging them to take initiative themselves and apply the content to their own learning surrounding the text.

[It] gives pupils a thorough foundation of textual knowledge that allows them to build on and develop their learning. It is perfectly designed to help teachers stretch and challenge more able pupils, as it contains a huge number of activities designed to apply their knowledge of the text and advance their understanding.” – J Hathaway, Head of English & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £69
Click here for full details and to order.

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