Starters and Plenaries for KS3 for Years 7 and 8

Starters and Plenaries for KS3 for Years 7 and 8

Keep your class busy all year with these packs of ready-made activities. With Listening Skills, Music Theory, Performing and Composing all covered, you’ll find something for every lesson.

  • Comprehensive teacher notes contain everything you need:
    1. Suggested relevant topics, with clear learning objectives – for effective planning
    2. Timings and required resources – easy to prepare
    3. Detailed instructions and supporting resources – just pick up and teach!
    4. Differentiation ideas – adapt activities for your whole class
  • Attractive student worksheets make supervision and assessment simple.
  • Handy overview table summarises each activity, making it quick and easy to choose a task to fit your scheme of work.

“The resources covers a range of activities including theory, performing, composing and listening.

I particularly like the listening activities with some excellent excerpts being linked to.

I like the concept of teaching pupils how to rehearse.” – C Kostromin, Head of Music, Cynffig Comprehensive School & Peer Reviewer

“I think this resource is excellent. The exercises follow a clear sequence and clearly enable progress which can also be evidenced.

The variety in the activities and the variety of topics which would really engage students and also provide a springboard for other activities or development.

The sheer range of topics is impressive.

I’m definitely going to use the roll the dice composition starter, what a superb idea!

These tasks are both simple and challenging and will surely engage students of all abilities. The breadth and variety of examples of a range of topics will certainly inspire teachers and students. Brilliant!” – L Williams, Teacher of Music, soon to be Head of Music & Peer Reviewer

“The main content of the resource has readily prepared activities which can be used with little or no preparation other than to read through and collect resources.

The activities are aimed accurately at the correct age of students. The preparation of the work has been particularly thorough so that students will have a thorough grounding in a range of areas. There is a lot of variety so that both teachers and students alike will be motivated. There is also the potential for many of these tasks to be extended into full lessons with appropriate extension work.

The range of activities includes topics such as blues, graphic notation, rhythm, treble and bass notation, texture, scales of the world, instruments, beatboxing and articulation.

I particularly appreciate the layout and clarity of this resource, and the imagination and design of the activities. It is also nice how the writer has used parallels such as constructing a melody from a selection of rhythms and notes is rather like a pick and mix; and the Dinnertime Rap which displays pictures of various sustenance plus a diagram of the rhythm of their names. The layout and imagination will keep students engaged.

This resource enhances learning effectively and efficiently. This is a well thought through resource that will be valuable to many teachers and students.

As students engage in the tasks their musical understanding and awareness will be strongly enriched.

I would recommend it to my colleagues and be glad to use it in my own teaching.” – M Thiselton, Music Teacher at Sheffield High School & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £49
Click here for full details and to order.

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