A Level AQA Political Ideologies Activity Packs

A Level AQA Political Ideologies Activity Packs

Varied, pick-up-and-teach activities for each ideology, all directly matched to AQA’s scheme of work.

Every activity is flexible in length, making it easy to plan and use – whether that’s as a basis for the entire lesson, or as a recap of key issues.

Enhances students’ learning!

  • Develops understanding of the specification content, with one activity per hour of suggested teaching time
  • Students grasp the core ideas and principles before completing comparison tasks on the tensions within the ideology, and then tackling key thinkers!
  • ‘Follow-on’ activities challenge even your most able students – and test crucial AO2 and AO3 skills!
  • Essay questions and revision grids provide vital exam skills practice!

Fantastic teacher support too!

  • Overview grid with key activity information (including timings, group size and assessment objective coverage) makes for quick and easy planning!
  • Write-on student worksheets, with answers provided, ensure that minimal preparation is required!

“a good variety of activities from revision to essay practice to filling boxes, p10, 13, 18 / writing a manifesto, p17 / game, p21 / matching, p22 / grid fill… it would keep students interested/motivated because of the contrasting tasks. Its educational value would partly be to improve research skills eg p4, 6 and the extension work would be valuable for those aiming for the highest grades … It matches the specification well – eg the 5 thinkers – and interprets it neutrally rather than being unacceptably biased, always a potential pitfall with such a topic.” – L Ashley, Head of Politics & Peer Reviewer

“I particularly liked the revision tasks being interspersed and the variety of activities eg table-activity 9essay q,p16,quizzes,grid fill and matching,p11.Also having answers separate was well advised … [It provides] relevant work for cover lessons, rather than just filling in time… activity 1 gives a much needed sense of chronology and the extensions should be educationally beneficent to the more able… It matches the specification thoroughly and does not omit any major content. It interprets it neutrally, which is what is required in such a potentially controversial topic… The Plan with timings was a good innovation compared to previous activity packs I’ve seen” – L Ashley, Head of Politics & Peer Reviewer

“Very detailed coverage of the course with a range of differing activities for students to undertake. Links to the specification which are clearly designed for individual, paired and group work- activities. Particularly good on the key liberal thinkers… Overall, very impressive as this is very difficult for many students-and-teachers- to access and make sense of! Much needed assistance.” – C Owen, HoD, & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £39 each
Click here for full details and to order.

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