GCSE AQA Set Work Analysis: Zoltan Kodaly

GCSE AQA Set Work Analysis: Zoltan Kodaly

Supportive, confidence-building resources guide your students through their chosen Set Works. Encourage them to discover the analysis for themselves while developing listening and appraising skills for the exam.

1. Learn

  • Need-to-know context and pre-listening ‘Do It Yourself!’ tasks build a firm foundation for learning
  • Student-friendly analysis organised by musical element for structured learning – fully supported by annotated score extracts!
  • Keywords and musical terms fully explained in context

2. Consolidate

  • Regular consolidation tasks encourage engagement and build confidence to apply theory independently
  • Extension activities to challenge Gifted and Talented leaners
  • Revision poster consolidates key points
  • Comprehensive glossary

3. Put into Practice

  • Five sets of exam questions, containing three 2-mark questions and one 8-mark question – perfect practice for the real thing!
  • Top tips for exam success
  • Full answers and mark schemes for easy peer, self- and teacher assessment

Integrate into your class teaching, or set for independent learning – it’s up to you!

Plus! New and improved – now organised by musical element for easier structured learning

“Matches the specification exactly…

… Constant links to the AQA information…

… One can feel secure that the author is an expert… all information is covered that could be asked for in an exam”

M Thiselton, Music Teacher & Peer Reviewer

“The written quality is excellent… engaging, interesting and easy to understand”

E Samson, Music Teacher & Expert Reviewer

“A highly successful analysis… which includes a wealth of musical language and knowledge as well as many relevant and helpful examples of questions to prepare students for the exam”

L Williams, Music Teacher & Expert Reviewer

“Best resource I have found!”

J Burtsell, Head of Music & Customer

“I really could not add anything to enhance this fantastic resource”

K Tout, Head of Music & Peer Reviewer

“I was blown away by the in-depth knowledge”

R Davis, Director of Music & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £54
Click here for full details and to order.

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