Horror School: Scheme of Work for Year 8 Drama

Horror School: Scheme of Work for Year 8 Drama

Through a carefully structured framework of six lessons, your students will brave the haunted school together to learn about the horror genre and develop their drama skills.

Links to YouTube videos exploring important elements of the genre keep lessons exciting. Plus! Sinister soundtrack provided to set the atmosphere and engage your students.

Drama skills developed: performing, evaluating, suspense, engaging an audience, improvisation, narration, tableau vivant, levels, facial expressions, poise, gesture, ensemble, set, costume, lighting, soundscapes, mime

For each lesson:

  • Detailed plans, including starters, mains, plenaries and homeworks – pick up and teach
  • Ready-made student worksheets and handouts – no preparation needed


  • Peer- and self-review opportunities – develop key assessment skills
  • Carefully structured lessons with multiple activities to maximise engagement
  • A final assessed performance allowing students to showcase their achievements

“This is a well-planned and clear scheme of work which will engage students and give them a sound introduction to the genre of horror. There is a naturally interactive element in the scheme, which combines teacher-inrole, whole-class, group and pairwork to create a range of varied learning opportunities. The scheme is well-laid out, through both a ‘lesson-by-lesson overview’ (page 3), but also by individual lesson plans (pages 4 – 20). There is a clear sense of progression and continuity both within this unit, but also with links to other aspects of the drama curriculum (for example, proxemics – which we study in Year 7)

The use of Youtube clips and music makes it more interactive and likely to increase engagement. The formatting of the lesson plans makes this easy to follow for both specialist and non-specialists alike.

The interactive element of this resource is central to enhancing learning. The use of the same teacher-in-role starter each lesson, with the ‘low sinister voice’ introduction works effectively, particularly if drama is only taught once a week / once a fortnight, as it immediately links back to the prior lesson. This therefore provides a sense of progression.

An engaging resource that has been well thought out and creates a sense of progression through the course of the lessons. Ideal for Year 8 Drama and keeping the students on their feet – both thinking and acting!” – J Kearney, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

“An interesting and engaging idea which has obviously been really well thought through and planned.

Designed to give students a good knowledge and understanding of key skills in an interesting way.

I really liked the level of detail included in the resource. It could easily be given to most subject specialists and even some non-specialists and they would be able to pick up and deliver the tasks easily as all instructions are clearly set out.

It teaches KS3 some really important skills, not only in how to create tension and atmosphere in performance but also the reason it is so important. There are also links to other examples throughout which could be linked to online learning portals for students to revise.” – B Meugens, Teacher of Drama & Peer Reviewer

“Well-thought out and suitable for the age group… The planning of the lesson in segments was effective-incorporating the attention span of the learners… The activities were excellent… Enjoyable.” – R Kilalea, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £39
Click here for full details and to order.

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