Factsheets and Activities for GCSE Edexcel Business

Factsheets and Activities for GCSE Edexcel Business

The specification at your fingertips!

Comprehensive yet concise handouts covering all the essential terms and concepts from the specification!

Quickly accessible detail for every topic:

  • Explanations with examples
  • Benefits & drawbacks
  • Questions for application

Use it as a clear reference for teaching, or a neat summary for revision!


  • Diagnostic multiple choice tests for each specification section – quick knowledge assessment
  • Activities to engage students

“I would recommend this resource … Experienced or otherwise this resource extensively assists teachers with detailing every inch of the specification putting facts and case study examples for all areas covered in the specification … The author has created a resource which encompass each topic required by the specification. The content exemplifies the facts and fundamental knowledge of the entire specification … reinforces subject knowledge which in turns lends itself to more confident teaching and learning. The MCQ’s can be used as quick starters by the students as well … Each topic is explained in a clear, friendly style, including all the sections … It’s superb for non-specialist teachers” – C Hutchinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

“Sound coverage of the subject content. Detailed notes that could be used to facilitate teaching and independent study. I could use these by setting the notes pages for homework and then we could discuss the in the classroom, they could facilitate discussion in groups or be used to test knowledge recall. Some of the sheets could also he used as notes pages that could be stuck into student books … Notes are detailed – I like this. Good coverage of quantitative skills in the questions too … I feel it could be used in the classroom and as an aide for homework / independent study. Acts as an effective retrieval resource … Very informative … credit to the author for going into the detail they have” – P McGinn, HoD & Peer Reviewer

“Would be especially useful for students who have perhaps been absent … Also could be used to inform a knowledge organiser” – R Lamb, Head of Business & Peer Reviewer

“A solid resource, with detailed coverage of the specification. Could be used as a revision guide, teacher manual, or even as a class textbook … A good go to guide for a teacher to refer to and use sections of with the class, end of topic questions would be great to test learning … Brilliant match to the specification” – D Duguid, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £89
Click here for full details and to order.

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