Stretch and Challenge Articles for A Level AQA Biology Year 2

Stretch and Challenge Articles for A Level AQA Biology

Highly relevant and thought-provoking articles covering a wide range of topics across the AQA Biology AS & A Level specifications . With follow-up activities for every article and full spec mapping, this is a wonderful addition to any program of study.

  • 21 engaging articles (11 in the AS pack, 10 for A Level pack)
  • Fascinating examples of both cutting edge and historic developments to engage students with Science
  • Builds from the core A Level knowledge to stretch even your top students with innovative and imaginative applications
  • Discussion and comprehension questions for use in class or at home
  • “These articles would challenge and engage G&T students and would also be useful for students preparing for Oxbridge interviews.” –E Benton, Teacher. Stamford School & Peer Reviewer

    “A unique resource. Not really seen anything like this before and there is definitely a need for this type of resource for teachers to be able to stretch and challenge the A/A* pupils.

    I liked the length of the articles and felt that this was a manageable length for busy sixth firm students. I also like the fact that each article comes with follow up discussion points and questions. It was also great to see that the answers are provided to these at the end.

    In order to be able to achieve the highest score on the synoptic paper, students need to be able to show evidence of reading around the spec and this would provide a great resource for that. It’s also great for students who want to show their enthusiasm on a UCAS application that they read around the subject.” – C Hopkins, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

    Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

    Price is £79
    Click here for full details and to order.

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