Topic Update: The 2020 US Election Report

Topic Update: The 2020 US Election Report

Full analysis of all stages of the 2020 presidential
including the pre-primaries, primary
elections, national nominating conventions, presidential debates,
the general election and the Electoral College; together with
discussion of relevant issues such as the twists and turns of the
race and the cost of elections, and the likely impact of the

  • Learning grids and ‘things to think about’ activities consolidate knowledge and test understanding
  • ‘Comparative signposts’ highlight key similarities and differences using rational, cultural and structural approaches
  • Plus, practical advice and debate material for exam questions on the topic to make sure your students make use of the most up-to-date case studies for their exam!

“A very good overview of the most controversial election and aftermath in modern US Politics! It gives an excellent overview of the Campaign from start to finish and really allows you to relive the whole saga (which feels like years ago but was less than a month)! … The author is knowledgeable and has included the key points from the 2020 campaign … This includes a very good amount of information in one document which would normally be sourced through multiple documents … I love ZigZag resources and my students find the resources very useful” – D Taborda, Head of Year & Peer Reviewer

“Detailed and informative. Lots of useful statistics that students can use in their revision of contemporary examples needed to answer the questions successfully … lots of really useful stuff! … graphics were good and complimented the text, will help support students learning… really useful in breaking down key election areas that can be used as case studies across the themes of study. Will help support the need for contemporary examples and saves teachers a huge amount of work – Thank you … easy to follow … Good for democracy and Participation element of the course in particular as well as examples to be used in the Presidency section as well … Addresses the need for contemporary examples that students find difficult … Would I purchase this resource? Absolutely.” – N Barthorpe, HoD, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £49
Click here for full details and to order.

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