Bridging the Gap: GCSE to A Level Geography’

Bridging the Gap: GCSE to A Level Geography

The transition to A Level can be challenging, especially if students didn’t study some topics at GCSE. This independent ‘knowledge-booster’ will help students to “bridge the gap!”

Student-led workbook for A Level geographers, introducing the core topics central to all specifications. A wide range of engaging activities and comprehension tasks to help students to:

  1. Consolidate and develop existing knowledge
  2. Gain confidence in new or unfamiliar topic areas, from fundamentals to technical terms

GCSE Teacher?

  • Great for G&T students towards the end of the GCSE to continue to push them
  • A fantastic parting gift to GCSE students going on to do A Level to use over the summer holidays!

A Level Teacher?

  • Identify your pupils’ areas of weakness early using student self-diagnostic overviews
  • Prepare your students for the higher demands of A Level
    – for all students or just those looking for support in particular topic areas
Last year’s GCSE students have had the toughest learning environment ever, and this year will be tough too – This pack supports their transition to A Level


  • Self-diagnostic topic overviews

    • Assess existing knowledge and understanding from GCSE…
    • … and identify any ‘gaps’ in A Level subject content
  • Topic-by-topic Activity Chapters

    • Linked comprehension tasks to develop deeper understanding of topic content
    • Data and image interpretation to introduce key geographical patterns and processes
    • Statistical questioning to revise and build upon key areas of the Skills Checklist
  • Fieldwork Section

    • Bridging the gap from GCSE 1-day class trips to multi-day trips and extended individual research at A Level
  • Extended Writing Support

    • Transitioning from extended GCSE questions to the more challenging essays of A Level!

Perfect support for those students looking to catch up over (or after!) the long summer break!

‘This is a resource that would be helpful for the transition from GCSE to A level, particularly an introduction to the depth of content and concepts at A level.

A wide variety of activities that would develop graphical and statistical skills in addition to understanding new concepts [students] would not have covered during GCSE.

The resource provides an introduction to the extensive content and concepts to be studied at A level. Pupils may have a better understanding of the expectations and be better prepared. For pupils taking A level Geography for the first time, this seems to be a useful resource.’ – A Adu-Boateng, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £89
Click here for full details and to order.

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