A Level Edexcel Topic on a Page: Component 3A: USA Comparative Politics

A Level Edexcel Topic on a Page: Component 3A: USA Comparative Politics

The ultimate revision tool!

Visually attractive A3 photocopiable posters with concise summaries of every specification topic. Ideal for visual learners and perfect for revision.

For each topic:

  1. Summary Poster giving at-a-glance overview
  2. A partially complete Activity Poster with focused and varied tasks for structured revision
  • End-of-topic consolidation and revision
  • Display in classroom or at home, or use as place mats
  • Activity pages make excellent homework

‘An accurate, reliable and efficient summary of the subject content from Component 3. Given the substantial increase in content [in] the new specification for Edexcel Politics, this resource allows students to have a concise resource that they can easily and efficiently access for revision purposes or in preparation for an end of topic test … The resource provides succinct definitions of the key terminology that students are expected to have a sound knowledge and understanding of… The ‘Topic on a Page’ for US Federalism outlines the structure of the federal and state government in a way that students can easily comprehend. This is an area that students regularly struggle to understand … The decision to format the [Congress] process as stages breaks down what is a challenging feature of the specification into manageable chunks… Of particular benefit is [the] focus on… the factors that impact the power of the executive while in office… The ‘Topic on a Page’ for the Supreme Court is exceptional and manages to cover the whole section 4… it efficiently outlines the judicial review process, judicial hierarchy and appointment process… This resource absolutely aids and enhances learning. There is substantial evidence that suggests that teachers should reduce ‘cognitive load’ and the amount of information that students are presented with. This resource is also a type of ‘knowledge organiser’ that allows students to use for revision purposes.’ – M Phillips, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

‘This is one of the best resources that ZigZag has ever produced for Politics. It is both simple and detailed in the same breath. Students who struggle with wordy resources will find this very easy to follow and to utilise in their revision… it captures the very key and relevant information for the US Politics unit and allows students to see the links between topics. It has been carefully written and developed and allows students of all abilities to utilise in ways that suit them. The key terms are excellent – very useful to guide students towards the relevant information on the page. The strengths and weaknesses section for legislation is also pleasing – students only need to revise 3 or 4 in detail and this can guide them towards the key points. The comparative approaches page is good – again the key points are covered. A good overview of points for students to take on board… Its versatility makes it valuable educationally. For the more able, I would ask them to stretch the information further and work with a student with a lower ability in order to work collaboratively. These can also be used as revision posters which students could even make bigger and put up themselves. I plan to display these around my classroom… Everything that needs to be covered by the specification is included and has been included carefully. This is clearly written in correlation with the specification that students are getting exactly the information that they need. As is always the case, the superb professionalism and care taken provides another fantastic resource.’ – D Taborda, Deputy Head & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £59
Click here for full details and to order.

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