International GCSE (9-1) Edexcel Maths A eRevision

International GCSE (9-1) Edexcel Maths A eRevision

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What’s it all about:

Fast and effective online interactive learning and eRevision. Diagnostic test questions identify key interactive Learning Pages/Challenges for student to do first to maximise improvement. Covering the entire specification with 200+ fun interactive challenges covering every topic. Plus exam-style questions, which students self-mark using the model answer and mark scheme for guidance. Differentiated content based on target grade and diagnostic questioning.

Annual School Licence

  • Free NOW until 30/6/21 using FreeMe21 (reduced from £199)
  • Unlimited number of students (Higher and Foundation included)

Features for Students:

  • 3-try system allows students to self-correct
  • Tailored to each student as they set their own target grade
  • 6 different interactive challenge types add variety, promoting engagement

Benefits for Students:

  • Progress Tracking Map!
  • Provides instant feedback and allows for 3 times faster learning than traditional exercises
  • Addictive qualities of eRevision lead to unexpected high achievement

Benefits for Teacher:

  • No marking! ~ Integrated computer marking
  • Slots into any SoW
  • Constructive interactive homework ~ Teacher oversight of student progress. No marking!

Admin Features:

  • Easy set-up!
  • Intuitive class tracking
  • Optional parental access

It’s varied, fun and engaging, with medals, trophies and leader boards!

The most enjoyable revision site yet – C Hutchinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

My pupils adore this resource – L Godfrey, HoD & Happy Subscriber

A great, intuitive system… My dept achieved the highest marks in the school and I believe we are in the top 5% nationally… eRevision helped the staff and students attain such impressive results – S Ravendran, HoD & Happy Subscriber

I was very impressed with how motivating and engaging eRevision is! – J Ermina, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

All your homework set and marked! – P Knowles, Teacher & Happy Subscriber

Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Click here for full details and to order.

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