Building Blocks for Essay Writing for GCSE AQA French

Building Blocks for Essay Writing for GCSE AQA French

Help students improve their essay-writing skills for Paper 4: Writing!

Structured learning and consolidation for Foundation and Higher in three sections

Part 1: Building Knowledge

12 units matched to AQA topics:

  • Topic vocabulary and exemplary structures build knowledge for corresponding Part 2 exam-style questions
  • Varied activities such as match-up, gap-fill, translation and multiple-choice hone comprehension and writing skills
  • Exam tips focus on overcoming common difficulties – key to exam success

Part 2: Exam-style Questions

  • 36 original exam-style questions based on the GCSE writing exam ensure targeted revision
  • 3 questions per topic – 40 words (F), 90 words (F+H) and 150 words (H) – facilitate practice for all students regardless of level
  • A self- and peer-assessment grid to help students stay on track

Part 3: Model Essays

  • Model essays for all exam-style questions in Part 2 provide exemplary guidance
  • Differentiation for grades 4–5, 6–7 and 8–9 allows all students to benefit from tailored solutions
  • Suggested additional activities extend learning from model essays

Plus! Answers to all activities enable independent learning as well as classroom learning.

‘This is an excellent resource that I believe will save GCSE French teachers a lot of time and brainpower in preparing a wide variety of skills-based exercises and example exam-style questions on all topics required in the specification to aid their foundation and lower higher students in the preparation for the paper 4 writing examination. I did like the fact that all topics are covered in the resource, but what I liked the most is the variety of different activities that use the skills necessary for exam success. For example, given a bullet point and writing down all vocabulary they could use pertaining to that point, or crossing out the word in the list not relevant to a certain bullet point. It teaches writing skills with a very firm focus on examination performance, which is often missing from writing exercises in textbooks.’ – J Smith, Head of French & Peer Reviewer

‘This resource will be fantastic for classwork as well as homework tasks/independent learning/extension tasks and intervention, depending on the size of groups and/or ability of students. It is well-designed. All topics from the specification covered, which is useful. All three types of questions covered. I like the 3 parts: practical tips with exercises; a range of potential questions; model essays for different grade range. The resource provides of already made exercises but also potential for extension work using the model essays. An adaptable resource is always a bonus in my view!’ – I Rodriguez, Head of Languages & Peer Reviewer

‘I think it could be a very valuable resource for the 150 word question on the higher paper, as there is little guidance out there how to structure these. I liked that the same series of tasks was used for each topic, which would allow pupils to work independently once they had gone through one topic with a teacher. I like that the resource covers every AQA topic, which would potentially make it good value for money. I like that the resource breaks down the essay writing in to small chunks, making it conducive to entering in to working memory and not overloading cognitively. I have not seen many resources that break down the steps needed to tackle the 150 word question. I also like the section where you can assess model answers because this allows for deeper processing by the students.’ – L Wright, MFL Teacher & Peer Reviewer

‘I like the exam tips and the exercises in the first section are fun: I like the letter snakes!
It is also great to have a bank of exam-type questions. What I like best are the model answers for 8-9, which I would encourage my students to revise from.’ – S Fleet, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £79
Click here for full details and to order.

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