Catullus Poems Companion for Verse for A Level Year 1 OCR Latin (2022-24)

Verse Literature 2022–2024

Original translation and detailed commentary – including notes on
style, grammar and context, picking up where the set text notes
end. Give it to students either as a complete companion, or as
handouts to support your class teaching. The perfect
complement to the set text!

A one-stop-shop with all the information that a student would need to achieve the top grades

S Thomson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

AS and A Level

  • All styles of exam questions including AS 10-mark and 15- to 20-mark A Level essay questions
  • Detailed notes on metre and context for A Level students
  • Latin text provided alongside a precise but clear translation
  • Detailed line-by-line notes on grammar, translation, style
    and context
  • Activities and practice exam questions help students engage
    with and develop an in-depth appreciation of the text
  • Specifically designed to support students in areas identified
    for improvement in examiners’ reports
  • Written by an experienced examiner
  • Glossary of linguistic terms
Teacher’s Note

Teachers using Catullus Poems (POD 10408) should be aware that poems 6, 88, 89, and 91 (set by the examination board) contain explicit descriptions in the Latin and its English translation.

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