A Level Edexcel Drama Text in Performance: Schemes of Work for Component 2

A Level Edexcel Drama Text in Performance: Schemes of Work for Component 2


15 lessons including 5 structured rehearsal sessions

Group Piece:

21 lessons including 10 lessons’ worth of focused rehearsal activities

Schemes available for both mono/duologues and group pieces!

Two detailed and comprehensive schemes of work map out A Level Edexcel Component 2: Text in Performance lesson by lesson – from start to finish!

From selecting and researching extracts to exploration, rehearsal and refinement, each lesson guides students towards high-quality, creative and exam-focused performances.

A complete teaching solution:

  • Carefully constructed lesson plans with detailed instructions and differentiation ideas
    • for confident delivery tailored to your class
  • Rehearsal sessions framework and motivational self-improvement exercises
    • keep students on task and on track
  • Ready-made, ready-to-use handouts and worksheets
    • minimise lesson prep, maximise learning
  • For teachers: Scheme overview grid details every lesson | Admin and logistical requirements explained
  • For students: Component summary sheet breaks down requirements | Mark schemes simplified and analysed

“A stunning piece of work, well planned and thought out. I found the booklet comprehensive and useful for teachers. The objectivity of the lessons and the scheme of work into ‘achievable’ objectives was a strong point.

This resource enhances learning by engaging in feedback for use in developing performance skills and process.This resource is particularly useful for developing skills in measured and assessment forms.” – R Kilalea, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

“A well thought out resource with many elements that could be adapted and used for different purposes.

The scheme was comprehensive.

Helps create well thought out sessions that allow for solid differentiation.

Meets all specifications and can be used for solid preparation work.” – F Rayner, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £54 each
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