Cover Lessons for Drama Specialists

Cover Lessons for Drama Specialists

Cover Lessons worth having – no prep required!

No matter what your needs, we’ve got something to support you and your students in the event of both planned and unplanned teacher absence. Each carefully-considered cover lesson is entirely independent of normal classwork – yet fully linked to the knowledge and skills needed for the course – and provides everything a cover teacher needs to pick-up and teach with minimal photocopying.

If you’re lucky enough for your classes to be covered by another Drama specialist, or even just a confident and enthusiastic non-specialist, then Cover Lessons for Drama Specialists is the resource for you. These ready-to-go, practical cover lessons encourage creativity and put key dramatic skills into action!

For more details, see below:

Cover Lessons for Drama Specialists*

*as well as enthusiastic non-specialists!

Need a cover lesson to motivate and engage students while developing skills?

Lessons develop skills and techniques that carry through to normal class work: collaboration, improvisation / quick-thinking, devising, communicating emotions, subtext, character exploration and development, script analysis, soundscapes, voice, physicality… and more!

20 ready-to-go, practical cover lessons put key GCSE skills into action.

Detailed teacher instruction sheet for each lesson:

  • Full breakdown of activities, including warm-ups, starters, mains, plenaries and homework
    • With suggested timings to fit lessons to an hour, but flexible enough to adapt on the fly
  • ‘Cheat sheets’ explain key drama terms and concepts
    • No subject knowledge needed – just confidence and enthusiasm!
  • Quick and easy differentiation ideas
  • All resources provided – with minimal photocopying!

Plus! Lesson overview grid for quick and easy decision-making, with difficulty of delivery defined for each lesson

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £69
Click here for full details and to order.

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