Reading and Listening Stories for GCSE German

Reading and Listening Stories for GCSE German

A creative original story split into 15 mini chapters per pack!

Diverse characters and intriguing storylines tie in with topics of the new specification for fun and useful learning.

Written and recorded by native speakers – students will learn new vocabulary, grammar and expressions while developing their reading and listening comprehension, translation and pronunciation skills.

Flexible format:

  • Individual chapters in A4
  • The entire story in an A5 booklet
  • Recordings for every chapter in two formats

Listening tracks

☆ Tailored support or challenge!

Two speeds provided per pack:

  • Foundation – regular and slow
  • Higher – regular and fast
  • G+T –– regular and challenging

Regular based on the examined speed.

Students’ pack

Per chapter:

  • A text of 100–150 words (F), 150–200 words (H) or 200–250 words (G+T)
  • A glossary of key difficult words to support reading and listening
  • A notes box to write additional vocab, queries and opinions, and to keep track of expressions to reuse

Plus! G+T pack: additional ‘Did you know?’ boxes in the target language to boost knowledge

Teacher’s pack

  • Three comprehension questions and a translation task per chapter to consolidate learning
  • A versatile bank of ideas for additional differentiation, extension, debate and homework tasks

Ideal for classwork, extensions, homework or independent study!

“Great resource! Wonderful layout! It is divided into chapters and well structured. Available to print as an A5 booklet to read, there are also recordings of each chapter at both a ‘slow’ and ‘regular’ speed for tailored listening practice for both Lower ability and higher ability students. As soon as this becomes available I will be purchasing a copy!” – R Henry-Grant, MFL Teacher and Peer Reviewer

“I liked the way in which the resource communicates the real enthusiasm that the two girls have for using the foreign language in a variety of situations. The whole resource sends out the message that using foreign languages is a life-enhancer rather than a laborious and unnecessary process. The resource invites its readers to dip into the cultures of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. New specifications are now emphasising the importance of appreciating the cultural contexts of language learning, rather than learning a country’s language in splendid isolation. There are regular references to the lifestyles of the three German-speaking countries, both in the narrative and in the information boxes that accompany the chapters.” – J Turner, Freelance MFL Consultant & Peer Reviewer

“I think this resource is fantastic for independent study as well as holiday prep.” – A Falconer, Head of German & Peer Reviewer

“I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the resource and think it is a fantastic idea. I always feel that I haven’t got enough suitable reading and listening resources and this would certainly fill the gap. It would be something I could set for holiday work over the summer and I believe it would be enjoyable to complete and something my students would benefit from.” – A Falconer, Head of German & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £54
Click here for full details and to order.

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