Myths and Beliefs for GCSE OCR Latin: Literature and Culture

Myths and Beliefs for GCSE OCR Latin: Literature and Culture

GCSE OCR Latin: Literature and Culture (J282/06)

Teachers save time!

No need to search for accessible information for your GCSE class. It’s been done for you.

Help your students delve into the mystifying myths and bewildering beliefs of the Roman world. Students will be prepared to tackle all topics in this section of the Literature and Culture exam, from polytheism and the pantheon of Gods to temples, sacrifices and the birth of the Romans.

4 core topics of the 2016 specs:

  1. Roman Gods
  2. State Religion
  3. Beliefs in the After-Life
  4. Aeneas, Romulus and Remus

Comprehensive structured study:

  • GCSE-friendly notes> to deepen knowledge of key spec points
  • Prescribed and unseen source analysis to hone critical skills
  • Activities> and quick-fire questions to consolidate learning
  • Exam-style questions to effectively prepare for the exam
  • For use in class, as homework, or for independent learning and revision

‘This resource is really good and comprehensive of the topic. It is very explanatory, easy to read and I really like the ‘quick fire questions’ and worksheets at the back of the resource. This resource matches and interprets the specification well since it gives a thorough explanation of all the Roman deities, the religious habits and rituals, the way the Romans used to worship the dead and to help them in the passage to the afterlife. I particularly liked how the author has made a clear distinction of the four different topics and has then divided them into separate sections. The resource gives thorough information that is required for the GCSE exam, yet it is divided in chunks that will make learning and remembering easy for the students… At the end of each topic, the sources and the questions are going to give the students that extra aid for answering exam’s questions in the correct way.’ – C Tarantino-Hind, Latin Teacher and Peer Reviewer

‘I liked the teaching activities at the end; the key points boxes; sources questions and answers… it delivers factual information plus provides a range of varied and interesting teaching ideas complete with answers. The author is clearly a great teacher… I liked the illustrations, the key terms and the fact that the answers came directly after each section.’ – C Bird, Tutor and Peer Reviewer

‘Well presented and well targeted at the age group… I liked the presentation, the quick fire questions and the use of model answers… It helps to develop background knowledge of the 4 areas of myths and beliefs and the skills of extracting information from sources… I also liked the idea of profiles which students can fill in and refer back to.’ – R Carter, Head of Latin and Peer Reviewer

‘It is thorough and contains much of what the students will need.’ – L O’Loughlin, Head of Latin and Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £54
Click here for full details and to order.

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